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Should You Build Or Buy Your Dream House?


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Building your own house is undeniably the best way to achieve your ultimate dream house, but it’s not 

an easy task; costs can quickly mount up, and the process can become very long and tedious. In light of 

this, we’ve run through some of the benefits of both building and buying to help find the best option for 


Self Build:

One of a kind- 

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If you have a super-specific image in mind of how you want you home to end up, and it isn’t a very 

conventional one, the self-build could be the best route for you. You really have the creative free-reign 

to make any weird and wonderful designs come to life, provided they are architecturally feasible. The 

best way to go about this is to work alongside a professional home designs team, such 

as Bellriver Homes, who really know what will work and what won’t.

Save you money- 

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Along with this free-reign comes the ability to control the maintenance cost of your home. You can 

install appliances and radiators where you see fit and can install energy-efficient models from the outset 

rather than having to fork out to change them in a bought home. This can result in a low-maintenance 

house that will save you money in the long-run. 

Buying new:

Relatively hassle-free- 

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When it comes to buying your dream home, there’s no question that it is generally a much easier, faster 

and smoother process than taking on a self-build project. Aside from arranging the viewings and 

organising the mortgage, it’s pretty much all done for you. You’ll just need to pick up the keys. This 

process is much more appealing to most people, especially those who have busy working schedules and 

can’t be on hand 24/7 to oversee the project. 

No hidden costs- 

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On paper, it can often seem like building a home is the much cheaper option. However, this price is 

created based on variable estimates. If the project ends up taking much longer than expected, or you run 

into problems with the land, be prepared to be spending at least 10% more than what you planned. 

Whilst there might be a few tweaks that you end up doing after moving into a newly bought house, 

chances are these extra costs will not be on the same scale as with a self-build. So if you’re a bit 

strapped for cash, buying a new house is always the safer option. 

There are endless pros and cons to both building and buying your dream house. Overall, the main things 

to think about is whether you have the time, budget and patience to take on a self-build project. If you 

do then don’t be afraid to go for it; the end result will be unlike any other house you’ve bought, it will 

really feel like your house. If you don’t think this is for you, then don’t be put off. With enough searching, 

you can definitely find an existing home out there that is perfect for you. 

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