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Cadouri de Craciun pentru ea

Luna cadourilor este aici,iar daca ai familie mare sau apropiati multi stii deja ca poate fi un stres sa gasesti pentru fiecare cadoul perfect.Mare parte din familie o vad rar deoarece locuim in parti diferite ale tarii/lumii insa este o bucurie sa ne reintalnim de Craciun, sa ne bucuram unii de altii si sa luam masa in familie. Mereu gasim cadouri de Craciun sub brad cu eticheta numelui, eu m-am obisnuit  sa gasesc cate un parfum pe care il doresc de mult timp, esarfe, seturi pentru ingrijirea tenului sau a corpului.  Astazi iti arat cateva sugestii de cadouri, unele le-am luat si eu si altele cred ca ar fi potrivite pentru o mama, soacra, sora, cumnata, nasa sau prietena draga.Eu ma bucur cand primesc seturi cadou , mai ales ca de sarbatori se gasesc multe oferte si combinatii de produse la preturi foarte bune. Un set cadou Si Passione de la Giorgio Armani cu siguranta va fi indragit de orice doamna/domnisoara pasionata de parfumuri. Eu am avut cateva mostre si cand am purtat parf

Should You Build Or Buy Your Dream House?

  Featured image via PxHere Building your own house is undeniably the best way to achieve your ultimate dream house, but it’s not  an easy task; costs can quickly mount up, and the process can become very long and tedious. In light of  this, we’ve run through some of the benefits of both building and buying to help find the best option for  you. Self Build: One of a kind-  Via Getarchive If you have a super-specific image in mind of how you want you home to end up, and it isn’t a very  conventional one, the self-build could be the best route for you. You really have the creative free-reign  to make any weird and wonderful designs come to life, provided they are architecturally feasible. The  best way to go about this is to work alongside a professional home designs team, such  as Bellriver Homes , who really know what will work and what won’t. Save you money-  Via Pixabay Along with this free-reign comes the ability to control the maintenance cost of your home. You can  install appli

3 Amazing Uses of CBD Oil

    Image by Oliver King via Pexels  CBD oil has gained enormous popularity in the recent past for its incredible health benefits. Today, this  beneficial compound is present in various products, ranging from cookies to nasal sprays to even  burgers. Given its numerous advantages, there is no doubt that the oil will keep growing in popularity in  the future. Here is all you need to know about CBD oil and the potential benefits you could reap by  using it.  What is CBD Oil?  CBD, which stands for cannabinoids, is a compound found in Cannabis. Unlike THC, which is the other  primary compound in Cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that it does not alter the working  of the brain to produce a “high” as THC does. It does, however, affect various body processes to alleviate  certain conditions. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the cannabis plant has been used for   medicinal purposes since 750 B.C . Well, here are three key benefits you stand to gain by using CBD oil.   CB

3 Steps For When You Have A Great Idea For A Business Photo from It is a great feeling when you get a eureka moment that could potentially set you up for the future . Thinking of your business idea can take time and can be overwhelming, but once you have your business idea, then there are a few steps you need to take to move forward. Experiment and talk to others. Although it can be tempting to shout about your new idea from the rooftops, it's vital that you talk to trusted people as the last thing you want is for someone to copy your image. Talking to a variety of other people will give you an insight into what your target market is going to be and their thoughts and ideas on it. They will often give you ideas to expand or alter parts of your image to improve it. Once you have a bit of background on what people think, it's a good time to start experimenting on your idea and if it will work. It will often take several attempts as there will be certain

Reduceri de pana la 70% de Black Friday pe Notino

  Black Friday, care pe majoritatea site-urilor/magazinelor tine mai mult de o zi este cea mai buna perioada de a face cumparaturi si a lua produsele pe care le doresti de mult, cu reducere substantiala. Notino este magazinul online de pe care cumpar cel mai des si de  Black Friday  in perioada 9-15 noiembrie au reduceri de pana la 70% la multe produse. Eu deja am facut o comanda, si am luat un set Lancome Monsieur Big, deodorante, Finish Quantum Max Lemon pentru masina de spalat vase si cateva produse de curatenie - daca inca nu ati descoperit, pe notino gasiti si produse de curatenie la sectiunea Drogherie, si de cate ori comand ceva pentru mine ma uit sa vad preturile si comand si de acolo pentru casa. Astept salariul si mai vreau sa fac o comanda, deoarece am vazut reduceri la parfumuri si produse de ingrijire pe care vreau sa le iau, atat pentru mine cat si pentru cei apropiati.  Aproape mi s-a terminat sticluta de  Euphoria de la Calvin Klein , un parfum ideal pentru zi, il aleg

Maskne| Cum scapam de acneea cauzata de masca

 Hello girls, Pe langa toate provocarile din ultimul an, legate de virusul Sars COV 2, purtarea mastii de protectie care a devenit obligatorie poate sa duca la fenomenul de Maskne , cel mai frecvent tip de acnee mecanica. Aerisirea deficitara, aerul cald, umiditatea de la transpiratie, respiratie si vorbire combinata cu frictiunea mecanica creeaza un mediu ideal pentru multiplicarea organismelor si astuparea porilor. Daca porii se astupa, pe ten pot aparea diverse forme de acnee si puncte negre  Cel mai usor este sa prevenim prin schimbarea frecventa a mastii,purtarea ei doar unde este necesar si asigurarea ca masca aleasa este igienica, nu strange si este comoda la purtarea. Cum tratam maskeea? Dimineata curatati tenul cu un produs de curatare sub forma de gel,spuma sau emulsie pentru acnee iar dupa aplicati o lotiune tonica. Alegeti o crema faciala hidratanta cu textura lejera,non comedogenica care sa nu astupe porii sau sa incarce tenul. Evitati cremele nutritive dense cu textura gr

Productivity Pals: A Freelancer's Best Friends For Happy & Productive Work Days

  The life of a freelancer brings with it a multitude of benefits. Especially in the current climate. At a time  when we’re al;l getting accustomed to the mixed blessings of working from home, managing our time  effectively and getting the most out of every day, we’re all picking up (whether we’re aware of it or not)  the skills that make for a happy and rewarding career in self-employment. Why wait around for crumbs  from the corporate table when you can seek out your own opportunities on your own terms? Why  endure the inequities of corporate wage repression when you can take your skills directly to your  clientele? Why wait for an opportunity to be promoted when you can increase your income in direct  proportion to your hard work and endeavor?    Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels But, of course, if life as a freelancer were easy, everyone would be doing it. You’ll need to establish a  framework for consistent productivity. And without the safety nets that most salaried people ta

Career Options You Can Pursue Online

  We are spending more time online than ever. With many people spending the majority of their waking  hours at home due to the pandemic, new opportunities to make money and pursue career options have  emerged. Whether you’ve lost your job recently, your workload has decreased, or you’re keen to    follow a new path , here are some options you can pursue online.  Trading Trading has become increasingly popular due to increased accessibility via online platforms. In days  gone by, you had to be a professional trader to get involved, but today, almost anyone can give trading  a go. Before you lay out any money or make any transactions, it’s crucial to do some research, read up  on different types of trading such as share CFDs and get a feel for how different mechanisms work. It’s  also important to ensure you are aware of rules and legal restrictions. Make use of demos, explore  different sites and consider working with a reputable, trustworthy, experienced trader if you’re a  beginner.