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Kick-Starting Your New Year Health and Fitness Plans

Will you be, or have you, made health and fitness resolutions for the New Year? Losing weight, 
gaining fitness, and increasing strength are popular resolutions, but they are also the ones that we 
break the most often, or never actually start. We go into the New Year with the very best of intentions, 
but struggling from post-holiday blues, we find it hard to get started. We enjoy festive overindulgence 
for a little too long, and we find it hard to exercise or eat healthily when it’s cold and dark outside, and 
all we really want to do is cuddle up on the sofa with a big box of chocolates. 

While no one will begrudge you a few weeks of rest for Christmas, the longer it takes you to get back 
to a healthy lifestyle, or make improvements, the harder it will be. And the longer you go on eating 
and drinking what you want and avoiding exercise, the more damage you are likely to do to your body. 
With that in mind, here are some of the things that you can do to kick start your health and fitness 

Deal with Bigger Issues

Ask yourself if anything is holding you back? 
Do you need help from one of the best rehab centres in the UK? Or to see your GP about other 
worrying symptoms? Do you have injuries that require treatment or you to adapt your plans and 
goals? If a health or fitness issue is holding you back, deal with it asap. Don’t let it become an excuse. 

Give Yourself a Start Date

If we let it, Christmas overindulgence could go on forever. The chocolates and treats might not run out 
for weeks, and it’s all too easy to restock if you want to. So, give yourself a start date. This might be 
the day that you return to work, or when you take the Christmas decorations down. Set it now, knowing 
that the day before is your last day, and make the most of it. 

Try a New Exercise

A New Year is an excellent excuse to try new things.  
Gyms and health centres tend to be much busier in January as new members flock in with great 
intentions. But, trying something specific can be a better way to motivate yourself. Look at local 
exercise classes for something that you might enjoy. 

Try an Activity Tracker

January sales could be a great time to make savings on an activity tracker if you need some extra help. 
A good tracker doesn’t just monitor steps. It also tracks heart rate, activity minutes, and sleep, which 
can help you to set goals and stick to training programs. 

Make Small, Sustainable Changes

Don’t try to make massive changes that you couldn’t possibly stick to. Instead, be realistic. Aim to go 
to one exercise class a week, and just focus on walking more the rest of the time. Try to reduce 
processed food in your diet, or to drink more water. Make realistic and sustainable changes.

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