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Literally Making Your Home One Of A Kind

Is it any wonder that we look at historical books and films, and fall in love with the decor and interior 
design they had? Look back at the 1700s,1800s and early 1900s and you’ll see how all the interior 
design styles we see and know today were formed. Someone had to be creative, someone had to take 
the best conventions of civilization and create them into a surrounding we’d be happy to wake up in. 
someone had to break the walls of expectations and what was considered acceptable. The interior 
designers who did this, all had to first reimagine their own homes, what they would want if they could 
make it or possibly afford it. Then came the actual practical task of making these ideas into a reality. 
Now, today, it's your turn. If you truly want to live in a space that is one of a kind, you have to make it 
into one. This requires a lot of thought and a lot of sketch drawings on paper. It depends on your own 
taste but also, your skill in craftsmanship. First, keep it simple and then get more and more 

Framing your style

Let’s start of simple, a mirror frame. You can buy mirror frames from pretty much any DIY store. Get 
the correct measurements you need for the mirror you have chosen to reframe. Take them down to 
your local carpenter shop or DIY store and they’ll make one for you. When you have it, now you can 
begin to paint and add anything to it. Make sure it's carving wood grade so if you want to reshape it at 
home with tools, you can. 

Drawing more depth

Cabinets and drawers are a great place to begin your personalization of the home. They’re big and 
blocky, so you have a large canvas on which to work on. They’re also visible but they don’t take 
centerstage so the pressure if off your shoulders to get it right first time. Start off with something 
simple. Think about a two-tone look for your drawers. It could be anything, your sock drawer, towel 
drawer or for makeup and jewelry. Pain the top surface into a darker tone and the same with the 
bottom. The middle or rather the drawers themselves should be in a lighter shade. Think about what 
your own style is. If you want something with more warmth, go for brighter shades like yellow, orange, 
red and even earthtones such as brown. If you want something that is more elegant, go with baby 
blue, lime green or perhaps even champagne for a more softer French look. The drawers should be in 
a neutral, so pearl white, silver or perhaps beige. If you’re confident, you can paint in a piano scheme 
i.e. neutral to brown from top to bottom. One drawer is brown the next under it is white etc.

More than just light

Lamps are another great area to begin your trail on the road to making a home more unique. Lamps 
are again, out of sight and out of mind but for the keen-eyed, they’ll pick up on your craftsmanship and 
style. Get the lampshade off, and detach the metal structure inside which sits on top of the bulb stand. 
You need this structure because the lampshade has to be kept separate from the stem so you can 
take the shade off at anytime without damaging the bulb. Next you need to find your material such as a 
thick card. Craft card is quite popular because it's lightweight but strong. Using the material, wrap it 
around the old lampshade to get a measurement of how big it should be. Once you have it, lock it in 
place using some kind of binding or sticking method. Use tec glue guns because the searing hot liquid 
glue will solidify into an incredibly strong solid. These have an adjustable full-hand lever so you can 
properly control the trigger for small shots with greater finesse. 

Leave the lampshade to dry overnight. Now, you can create whatever kind of style and pattern you 
want. Think outside the box, use various materials like linen, cotton and wool sheets. You can even 
use filter paper for cameras. This is a thin sheet of plastic that comes in all kinds of shades. You might 
just want to keep it simple and print a pattern off from the internet that you really adore. Wrapping it 
around the craft card and then fitting the metal structure into the new lampshade, then putting it on the 
bulb stand finishes off this small detail change. 

Standing rustic table

If you want to create something for your garden but aren’t sure where to begin, make yourself a patio 
stand table. This table is for when you’re sitting outdoors and want to place a drink near you or even 
just to put a plant vase on top of it. It gives the garden a little more depth and height. However, you’re 
not just making any old side table, you need something that’s rustic and tough. Since the garden is 
drenched with rain, pelted with hail and slowly covered snow, you need a table that can withstand all 
the elements. So, an aged oak wood shutter table is something you’ll want to explore. It's just like it 
sounds, old window shutters that are fitted together to make a large rectangle. Plantation style shutters 
are the best kind as the design is much more pronounced and also bulkier to withstand punishment. 
If you don’t have or can’t find any old shutters, then buy some cheap shutters instead. In fact, it gives 
you more opportunity to be creative. Paint and style the shutters however you want. You could go for a 
grass green color, or perhaps you want it to match you patio flooring so perhaps beige or grey. 

Creating your own style of interior is something many people want to do but don’t have the courage or 
the know-how. Begin small with a mirror frame because you can do almost anything to it. Then you 
should create your own lampshade, using various materials and patterns. 

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