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Is The Old-Fashioned Home Parlor Too Out Of Date?

Pexels Many of us have inclinations of what we would like to do given a spare free room in the house. Perhaps  we’d like to craft a dining room separate from the kitchen area. Perhaps we’d like to craft a small and  humble home gym. A studio or office is usually one of the most popular choices, and for good reason.  But to this set of decision making, we would like to pose a question - is the good, old-fashioned home  parlor out of the question? You may have different answers for this. Some might say that yes, it would be quite ridiculous to craft  a room simply for entertaining guests, when they might not visit all too frequently. In the past it was a  means of socializing with guests, of showing your wealth, or perhaps a room where the gentlemen of  the house and his friends would sit, smoke cigars and drinks Of course, you likely won’t have this kind of intention . But is a home parlor too out of date? In this post,  we would like to raise a defense of the home p