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June 25, 2019

Is The Old-Fashioned Home Parlor Too Out Of Date?

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Many of us have inclinations of what we would like to do given a spare free room in the house. Perhaps
 we’d like to craft a dining room separate from the kitchen area. Perhaps we’d like to craft a small and 
humble home gym. A studio or office is usually one of the most popular choices, and for good reason. 
But to this set of decision making, we would like to pose a question - is the good, old-fashioned home 
parlor out of the question?

You may have different answers for this. Some might say that yes, it would be quite ridiculous to craft 
a room simply for entertaining guests, when they might not visit all too frequently. In the past it was a 
means of socializing with guests, of showing your wealth, or perhaps a room where the gentlemen of 
the house and his friends would sit, smoke cigars and drinks

Of course, you likely won’t have this kind of intention. But is a home parlor too out of date? In this post, 
we would like to raise a defense of the home parlor, and help you think of why you should consider this 
a viable option.

The Values Of Entertaining

It can often be that we wish our social life was a little more textured and diverse. When you open a 
small parlor in your home, you are better able to steward a room dedicated to this kind of interest. 
Perhaps you would like to implement some games to play, such as a small pool table, or perhaps 
setting up your vinyl player and some comfortable in-the-round seating can afford everyone comfortable 
discussion time in the late hours.

For those with children, it can often be that inviting guests around at late hours is not advisable, due to 
how loud conversing at night can often wake them up. But in a dedicated parlor, perhaps in the room 
furthest from your house, subtle soundproofing implements (such as light foam behind the bookcase,) 
or simply its location can allow free discussion and relaxation.

It can be worthwhile to entertain, or at least have a dedicated space for it. This can be a niche feature 
often spoke about, something that will likely be considered a novelty by your guests. It can also provide 
you the means to decorate the room with elements you would like to show. Perhaps small artifacts or 
pieces of memorabilia from travels you have taken abroad can be great conversation starters. 
Professional photography of these environments may be blown up to wall-size and framed effectively to 
give the room a sense of global appeal. A home from home, but within your home, some might say.

On top of that, the relative separation of this room can also help you store items that you might not wish 
your children to come across. For example:

Your Own Bar

Many of us wish to craft our own mini-bar in our homes, somewhere we can proudly show our vintage 
bottle collection for years. Even those who only lightly partake in alcohol, or simply wish to entertain 
guests might find value in this. Bottles are often historical artifacts, and can be looked at with a sense 
of interest. Of course, most spirits only get better with age, also. 

You needn’t go overboard here, with an ice machine, many different glasses or anything overbearing. 
But simply enjoying a collection of small liquers that you can mix, and most importantly make an 
occasion of is better when conducted in a dedicated room. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing 
this over a kitchen surface, but somehow having your own dedicated room and experience can be a 
great benefit, especially if it’s more of an adult-space implement you would much rather keep away 
from your children.

Remain As Eccentric As You Like

One of the best things about a parlor is that you’re able to exercise your strongest forms of eccentricity. 
This might sound silly to think of, but it’s true. Many of us stop indulging in our most silly interests 
because we often think that filling our homes with that could be a bad idea. But in a dedicated room, 
perhaps one dedicated to fun entertainment anyway, you can remain as eccentric as you like.

Perhaps you have a bookshelf lined with only leather-bound encyclopedias you enjoy leafing through. 
Perhaps you’re into rare books and wish for a relaxing place to both preserve and display them. Maybe 
you wish for a vintage collection of old-guitars, or perhaps this is the room in which you’ll pretend you’re 
living in 50’s-era America, wearing a suit, fedora or dress with a cigar as you enter. Perhaps you’d like 
to purchase the most beautiful leather sofas to relax in class.

All of us have these little flights of fancy but are often quite worried to admit them. In a room dedicated 
to this kind of personal fun, it becomes less of a weird interest and something you simply do to entertain 
guests, to indulge and share in your hobby, and to have those conversations. Of course, a parlor isn’t 
necessarily needed for that, but what better place to host this kind of personal interest? 

Personal Planning

A home parlor could also be an excellent place for you and your partner to plan your life together. Of 
course, the etymology of the word means ‘to speak’ in French, meaning that this room may not only be 
a place to entertain guests, but also to have long and constructive conversations with your partner 
about your future.

Putting resources together to plan your modern excursions and considering just how you might tackle 
future challenges or move together towards a future that you want could be great within this room, as it 
guarantees privacy, and also provides an understood setting where you can talk without distraction. 
Sometimes weighing up your options can demand this singular frame of mind.

With these tips, we hope you consider the implementation of the good old-fashion home parlor. It might 
just be the thing your home needs.

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