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March 05, 2019

Superb Statement Pieces to Perk up any Neutral Room

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When it comes to decor, neutrals are a good choice. Light shades like white, magnolia or even very 
light grey look calming, reflect light around the room and are very inoffensive. They’re popular choices 
for landlords and anyone looking to sell their home for this reason, however lots of people choose 
them just because they look really nice. The only downside to the clean lines and calming feel that they 
give is that neutrals can be a little plain and boring. If you don’t accessorise in the right way or add 
pieces to liven it up, you can end up feeling like you’re living in a shell of a room. Here are a few ways 
you can make your neutral room look more interesting, without picking up a paintbrush.

Add a gallery wall
Lots of people paint or wallpaper one ‘accent wall’ in the home, as it brings in interest while keeping the 
rest neutral. But there are lots of reasons you might not want to do that- it might not really be your style, 
or perhaps you’re renting and aren’t allowed to make changes. If that’s the case, adding a gallery wall 
as your feature can work really well instead. Purchase some frames from a site like best4frames, and 
look online to work out how you’re going to position and hang them. Then you can have fun filling them 
with prints, posters, postcards and photographs. Mismatched frames can look great if that’s the kind of 
theme you’re going for in your room, otherwise something like plain black up against white walls will 
look smart. If you use Command Hooks you won’t need to put any holes in the walls, and you can 
always switch out the pictures inside whenever you get bored.

Add an accent colour
It’s easy to bring in a colour to a neutral room just by using accessories. Choose a shade that works 
well with the neutral you have. For example, light grey walls will look nice with pastel pink accessories.
 Magnolia looks nice with chocolate brown or duck egg blue. White can be paired with just about any 
colour, don’t overlook plain black if you want a monochrome look. Look for things like curtains, rugs, 
vases, lamp shades and cushions in your chosen hue. You could even go with a bold colour or 
patterned armchair, pair it up with your neutral sofa and tie them together by putting similarly coloured 
cushions on the sofa.

Choose statement lighting
In a room that’s pretty neutral, you’re able to go all out with a couple of details to make it interesting, 
and the lighting is one way to go about it. How about a chandelier, or a large industrial looking piece 
with exposed bulbs? It all depends on the style of the room that you’re aiming to achieve, but if it’s 
looking plain and dull then fitting interesting lighting is a smart move. You could choose a couple of 
co-ordinating lamps too, a floor lamp and one or two smaller table lamps depending on the size of the 

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