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Superb Statement Pieces to Perk up any Neutral Room

When it comes to decor, neutrals are a good choice . Light shades like white, magnolia or even very  light grey look calming, reflect light around the room and are very inoffensive. They’re popular choices  for landlords and anyone looking to sell their home for this reason, however lots of people choose  them just because they look really nice. The only downside to the clean lines and calming feel that they  give is that neutrals can be a little plain and boring. If you don’t accessorise in the right way or add  pieces to liven it up, you can end up feeling like you’re living in a shell of a room. Here are a few ways  you can make your neutral room look more interesting, without picking up a paintbrush.   picture credit Add a gallery wall Lots of people paint or wallpaper one ‘accent wall’ in the home, as it brings in interest while keeping the  rest neutral. But there are lots of reasons you might not want to do that- it might not really be your style,  or perhaps