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Is It Time You Took Up A New Hobby?

Have you ever noticed that we tend to focus our attention on giving things up? When January looms,  we vow to cut out carbs and give up alcohol, and when Lent approaches, our focus turns to clearing all  traces of chocolate from the cupboards. While it can be hugely beneficial to give things that aren’t good  for you up, it’s also helpful to think about adding things to our lives. If you don’t want to make cutbacks  as part of your resolutions for 2019, have you considered enhancing your health and happiness by  taking up a new hobby? Image by The benefits of having a hobby Bringing fun and enjoyment to your life and reducing stress Increasingly, we devote time to work, looking after children or caring for relatives, and running our  households. More and more of us are using a lack of time as a reason for missing out on social  activities and the opportunity to devote time to things we enjoy. When you’re tired, you

The Home Repairs You CAN Tackle Yourself

Image via Pexels Becoming a homeowner is a hugely important milestone in most people's lives and something we  dream of. But it's definitely not all relaxing on a pristine sofa or throwing barbecues at the weekend -  our houses require regular maintenance work to stop them falling into disrepair. Quite simple repairs  can develop into huge issues if left unresolved, so it's far better to tackle things head on and develop a  proactive home repairs schedule. If there's something you can do that only requires simple tools and  isn't dangerous, it's a good idea to learn how to do it yourself and save some money. This will keep  costs down and make sure that you can call in a contractor when you really need to. Refresh Your Paintwork The key to maintaining fresh looking rooms is being able to give them a new coat of paint occasionally,  and it's something you should be able to do yourself. The key is to spend enough time on the prep  work b

Learning At Home - You Can Do It!

How much time do you waste online? All of that time spent checking Facebook, Instagram and  watching Netflix… Couldn’t you do something more valuable with your time? Online learning is great for  many reasons - it can help you find new hobbies, improve your career or simply help you pass the time! Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons With so many ways to learn new things, it’s worth giving it a try. Take a look at some of the cool ways  you can embrace web learning and find a good use of your time online. Get crafting with YouTube Getting crafty is easier than ever thanks to YouTube! There are so many fantastic tutorials out there that  can teach you to do everything from making your own candles to making your own kitsch blankets. If  you’re passionate about home improvement , you could even learn how to take on more ambitious  projects and do some great things around your home. Who thought YouTube was just for funny cat  videos? Study for an online degr