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Nothing Is More Important Than Picking The Perfect Flatmate

Image source We’re not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but living alone is not that possible anymore. Why? Because  rent has gone from being a tough pill to swallow to beyond ridiculous. Unless you want to live in that  area you don’t even like running through, that is. That’s where the roommate swoops in wearing a red  cape and matching face mask. They hold the promise of a way easier, way more affordable and way more space-lavish existence,  which is what we all crave at the end of the day. The problem is: picking a roommate is not as simple  as throwing the question “who wants to live with me” into the open world. No way. That’s going to spell  disaster, the sort that comes with slobs, deadbeats and worse, and that will make you dread heading  home after work. That’s why we’ve pulled together your ultimate guide for choosing the right roommate (or roommates)  that will see you slip into a happy, enjoyable, slick and super-functioning living situation. 1. Don’t

How To Keep Your Employees Productive

Image Source When you're the boss, you have a lot of responsibilities and roles to keep, and that can understandably  be a little overwhelming at times, and yet it's necessary if you're going to run a successful business  and meet all of your targets. Employees are there to make life easier and get the job done quicker and  more effective as a pose to if you're were going at it alone. Having said that, sometimes there is a  common form of slacking that happens, and you will notice that your team isn't at the top of their game  anymore. You need to remember that this reflects you, and shines you in a bad light because you're  supposed to be the one in charge who gets the team motivated and driven, and encourages them to  perform to a brilliant standard. So if they aren't, you're going to need to do something about that rather  quickly.    Put them through training. When hiring, you will of course only choose candidates that have the ne

6 Ways Employers Will Try To Get Around Their Obligations

As an employee, you’re legally entitled to certain rights and it’s up to your employer to fulfil those  obligations. Most of the time, they won’t have a problem with that but from time to time you’ll come  across an employer that tries to get out of their legal obligations to employees. Whether it’s because  they want to save money or they want you to work more hours than you’re legally obliged to, these  unscrupulous employers will try lots of different tricks to stop you from getting those benefits. Image Source Employment laws can get a bit complicated and employers will sometimes try to take advantage of the  fact that you don’t fully understand it. These are some of the most common lies that they’ll tell to stop  you from getting what you’re entitled to. You Need To Go Self Employed There has been a lot of debate about workers that are considered self-employed recently as companies  like Uber and Deliveroo have come under fire for using the status as a way of

Will Not Pills: Real Reasons To Avoid The ‘Roids

( Image Source ) Over the last hundred years or so, the world of health and fitness has gone to new heights. With  supplements being readily available, health science providing a better understanding of the human  body, and new tools to make it all easier, this field has changed a lot. Of course, though, enough is  never enough for some people. With success on the mind and ideas of fame driving them, steroids  have become somewhat of a crux for some bodybuilders. But, why exactly is this a problem? You’ve probably heard jokes about bodybuilders and their abilities when it comes to the bedroom. Like  most comedy, there is a lot of truth in this, but it isn’t simply because they’ve worked on their size.  Instead, anabolic steroids, the ones used for performance enhancement, are very good at mucking up  testosterone levels in the body.  Over extended use, this can have a long term impact on someone’s ability to get an erection, leaving  athletes to get the help of compa

3 Skills That Will Enhance Your Career & Help You Find A Better Job

It can be difficult to find a really good career that makes you feel fulfilled. Sometimes, we see to settle  for jobs just because they’re easy to get, and we know we’re qualified to do them. Keeping that in mind,  what if I told you you can enhance your career by developing specific skills? Here are three you should  try to learn if you want to find a better job: Image Link   Social Media Skills Social media is a massive part of the modern world. As a consequence, you need to develop your  social media skills if you want to enhance your career . It will surprise you how many companies are  keen to hire people that are skilled in the art of managing social media accounts and posting updates  for the company. In fact, there are loads of jobs these days that are basically set up just for this  purpose. If you learn the ins and outs of social media marketing , you can start applying for these jobs  and maybe get your foot in the door of a very big company. Plus, it’s an e