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Small Kitchen? No Problem!

When looking for a new house to buy, most people look for a sizeable kitchen. Not only is this room 
often seen as a status symbol in the home, but it also needs to be fairly spacious so that you have 
enough room to move about when you are busy cooking and preparing meals for your family. So, while 
viewing houses, lots of people often pass on a property that only has a small kitchen.

But you shouldn’t dismiss a gorgeous house just because the kitchen area is slightly smaller than 
what you had in mind. There are actually some great ways you can use the decor to help improve the 
look and feel of a small kitchen. Read on to find out more!

Use Discreet Window Features

When it comes to thinking about what kinds of curtains or blinds to hang in your kitchen, you should try 
and stick to some discreet window features that won’t be too distracting. Ideally, your curtains or blinds 
shouldn’t be too imposing as they might stick out and could make your kitchen feel a lot smaller than 
what it actually is. So, you might prefer to go with some cheap Venetian blinds that do their intended 
job without attracting too much attention to them. A simple pull-string blind would also work as well.

Hang Your Pots And Pans

If your kitchen is particularly small, you might not be able to add too many cupboards and shelving 
units. Thankfully, though, there is a solution to this - you can just hang all of your pots and pans. You 
might want to hang them from the ceiling so they create a striking centerpiece to your whole kitchen, 
or you could get some hooks onto the walls and hang them from those. Either way, it’s a great way to 
store your pots and pans as well as using them to enhance your decor!

Get Creative With Storage

Of course, getting creative with your storage solutions can also help you get around the problem 
of not being able to fit in plenty of cupboards and shelving. For instance, you might want to consider 
using hidden storage options. You can now buy chairs and benches that come with hidden storage 
cupboards underneath them. These are great places to store some of your less-frequently
used kitchen items.

Stick To A Light Color Scheme

Thinking carefully about the color scheme of your kitchen can also help to open it up and make it feel a 
lot bigger and more spacious than what it actually is. Generally speaking, light colors such as pastels, 
whites, and creams, will make the room feel light and airy, which can help create the illusion of space. 
You will find that darker colors could make the walls quite imposing and this could cause the kitchen to 
feel very cramped. So, be sure to stick to a light color scheme.

Hopefully, all of these useful tips above will help you get over the problem of a small kitchen!

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