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Physical Self-Improvement Doesn't Have to be Invasive

Nowadays, increasing numbers of people are turning to surgery and other forms of invasive procedures 
to improve their personal appearance. But if you find that you are unhappy with your appearance on the 
outside, you can often find that the root of the problem is more than skin deep. Many physical traits that 
are deemed negative (such as flaky skin, dull hair, and excess fat) can actually be a result of unhealthy 
lifestyle choices. By cutting these out and opting for healthier habits, you can dramatically improve your 
appearance in a non-invasive manner! So, for now, here are a few different options to consider!

Drink More Water

Around 80 percent of the adult human body is water, so it’s not surprising that dehydration can reflect 
itself pretty quickly in our outward appearance. A lack of moisture tends to affect our skin, in particular, 
resulting in dryness or flakiness, especially around the face. Dehydration can also cause the skin to 
feel tight and can provoke flare-ups of pre-existing conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema. Now, 
these conditions can’t necessarily be covered up with makeup, so you really do have to get to the root 
of the problem in order to reduce transepidermal water loss and look your best. So, make sure to drink  
around eight glasses of water each and every day. This is a simple habit to get into. You just need to 
make sure that you always have water within easy reach - this way you can drink it as and when you 
please. So, invest in a reusable water bottle and never feel afraid to ask people working in bars or 
restaurants to fill them up with regular tap water for you. You might also want to consider filtering your 
water at home to make sure that what you are consuming is as pure as possible. There are various 
different water filters for home use on the market, so you should be able to pick one up at a relatively 
affordable price! If you do find that you’re craving something a little more flavoursome, but don’t want to 
lose out on hydration, consider trying out coconut water. It’s extremely hydrating and is also a brilliant 
source of potassium (with around 180 milligrams per 100 millilitre serving), contains plenty of 
magnesium (with one serving averaging around eleven percent of your daily magnesium requirement), 
and can act as a natural laxative, helping to flush your gut thanks to its high fibre content.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for you. We are all aware of that. Over the years, too many studies to even count have 
been conducting into the different ways that smoking cigarettes affects our bodies and the overall 
outcomes have proven conclusively negative. The ingredients and substances incorporated into a 
cigarette can cause a wide variety of cancers, various respiratory conditions, problems pertaining to 
the heart, and a whole host of other diseases and health conditions. The messages are scrawled over 
cigarette packets, accompanied by shocking images in an attempt to drive the point home. But if these 
life-threatening consequences aren’t enough to put you off, cigarettes can have a profoundly detrimental 
impact on your appearance too! The addictive nicotine that cigarettes contain is notorious for staining 
teeth - this is why your dentist and hygienist will consistently encourage you to stop. Another oral side 
effect is smoky, bad breath. Other side effects of smoking include dark undereye bags, yellow stained 
fingertips, dull hair, skin, and eyes. So, hopefully, a combination of the internal and external 
consequences of smoking might be enough to encourage any existing smokers to call quits! If you find 
difficulty in completely giving up the action of smoking or the feeling of inhalation, you should consider 
vaping. This is an alternative that allows you to place something in your mouth, inhale a substance, and 
exhale a substance. But instead of harmful smoke, you’ll merely be inhaling flavoured water vapour, 
which is much preferable. Visit Vapeshop to browse the different e-liquids that you could try out.

Head to the Gym

The majority of the time, excess fat falls down to one of two things: exercise or diet. So let’s focus on 
the first for now. The average adult should aim to exercise for at least thirty minutes every single day
Now, there aren’t many ways to do this around the house and bad weather can often put you off jogging 
around your local park. So instead, why not invest in a gym membership. Not only will this give you a 
space where you can work out comfortably, but it will also give you access to specialist equipment that 
will help you to get a proper workout.

These are just a few ways that you can improve your appearance without resorting to invasive surgery 
or treatments. So try them out today!

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