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Hands On Careers You Should Be Considering

When it comes to your career, it can be quite hard to decide what you want to do when you have the 
opportunity to progress to higher education. It can feel like such an important decision, and for many, 
you go on to get some work in the hope that you will navigate and make the right choices on your 
career later in life. Some do. Some stick with what they know and excel at that. Others want a big 
change. Like coming out of an office environment and wanting something more practical. Going from 
working alone to working in a big team. These sorts of changes may sound really hard to take on board 
but actually anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Today I thought I would share with you 
some of the hands on careers you could consider switching to.

Working in the engineering industry

The engineering industry is one of those career paths that will seem like a real good option to consider 
when it comes to longevity of working. There will always be a need for engineers, even when 
technology does in fact take over. Management and moving up the ladder can be achieved if you put 
your mind to it and take on something like a masters in engineering management to help you gain the 
skills and knowledge to further your career.

Working in a face to face sales environment

Maybe you prefer to deal with people on a day to day basis, which is why working in a face to face 
sales environment could be the way forward for you. This will work especially well if you also have that 
competitive edge. It is hands on as you are dealing with customers face to face, physically showing 
products, taking out test drives and demonstrating the vehicles. It could also be a very lucrative career 
as you can earn more commission and increase your earning potential.

Working in the beauty industry

For you, hands on may mean other things, and a career in the beauty industry could tick all the boxes. 
Perhaps it is becoming a beautician. Where you take care of beauty treatments such as nails, waxing 
or facials. Maybe you might specialise in massage and become a masseuse. Helping people with back 
problems or just taking away any built up tension. Or it could even be to do with hair styling and cutting. 
All are hands on career options that would suit you well.

Taking that leap and starting your own business

Perhaps hands on means stepping out of your comfort zone and actually taking that leap of faith 
and starting your own business. You may already have something like a blog where you could  
monetise it and begin to work on making it your career. Or it could be that you decide to work for 
yourself and go freelance or launch a business in the industry you already work in. You just need to 
take that leap of faith and go for it.

I hope that sharing some of these options helps inspire you when it comes to your career.

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