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Don't You Want A Career You Care About?

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There are few things more frustrating than getting stuck in a job that you hate. Spending all day staring at the 
clock, waiting for the moment you can finally go home. It could be because it's boring, frustrating or just downright 
unpleasant, but a job that makes you miserable can be a serious drain on your entire life. It's no surprise that so 
many people dream of being able to get out of their dead-end job, the only problem is knowing how to go about 
doing that. Fortunately, getting out of your current career and into a new, more fulfilling one is actually a lot easier 
than a lot of people expect. It's just a matter of finding the right direction to move in. With that in mind, here are 
some careers that you can use to finally escape the corporate machine.

Set up a business of your own

What if you enjoy the things that go into business, but the issue is always having to be at the beck and call of a 
manager who doesn't know what they're doing? Well, then why not strike out on your own? A lot of people assume 
that starting your own business is the kind of thing that only very wealthy people are capable but that's not true. 
Thanks to modern technology, it's never been easier for anyone to start their own business. There are so many 
services now available that mean that you can start a business from the comfort of your own home. That way you 
get to call the shots and mold the direction that you want the business to take without having to deal with the 
opinions of other people.

Do something good.

Is part of the reason that you find your job so frustrating is that you don't feel like you're actually doing anything 
important or useful with your life? If you're the kind of person who would feel the happiest using your career to help 
people, then there are a lot of options out there for you. From emergency management to medicine to working 
alongside a non-profit organisation, there’s no reason why you can’t make a living doing some good in the world. 
Of course, that usually means that you’re not going to make  as much money as you might doing something else, 
but for many people that trade of is well worth it.

Try freelancing

Freelancing is a great option for people who can't stand the same old nine-to-five routine of standard employment. 
Freelancing allows you far more freedom to choose when you work and who you work for. If you don't agree with a 
particular client then you don't necessarily have to stick with them. And since you're working for yourself, you have 
the freedom to set your own working hours. Of course, the other side of this is that you only ever earn while you 
have clients. So you're not necessarily always going to be in a position to earn as much as you normally would.

It’s often incredibly easy to feel as though you have no choice but to let yourself get chewed up by the corporate 
machine but that’s really not the case. It just takes some time and effort and you’ll be able to find a career that 
you can really sink your teeth into.

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