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A Beautiful Barnet: Make Every Day a Good Hair Day!

As the saying goes: ‘your hair is the ballgown you never take off’. As women, our hair is such a big 
part of our identity, it really is no wonder that bad hair days feel like such a disaster. Maybe your hair 
feels a bit of a mess at the moment, or perhaps you’ve been wearing it the same way since you were 
young and you really feel like a change. Either way, here are some ideas to help you feel fantastic and 
make sure every day is a good hair day!

Get Some Extensions
Making your hair shorter is a little easier, and if you have long hair you can make a change by going 
short or even just having a few inches cut off. But if you want longer hair, you can insantly achieve this 
by using extensions. 

Perhaps you’ve had a bad haircut and want to put it right, or maybe your hair takes a long time to grow
It might be a case that your hair is very fine and you need some volume. Either way, extensions are a 
good choice. You could go with bonded extensions or micro rings, where small pieces are attached to 
small chunks of your natural hair. They remain in for a number of months and are taken out by the 
hairdresser. However if you don’t want the commitment then go with clip ins. This means you can add 
length and glamour when you’re going out or want to look nice, but don’t have to maintain the hair for 
the rest of the time since you can take them out.

Go With a New Colour
You could go with a bold colour all over, or go with slices of a bold shade throughout your hair. Pastel 
and ‘unicorn hair’ are both popular at the moment and are great if you want something a little unusual. 
Otherwise, having some highlights and/ or lowlights added or even having your hair dyed a couple of 
shades lighter or darker can make a big difference. With summer around the corner lots of people are 
embracing lighter locks, you could go with full highlights, or go down the ombre/ bayleyage route if you 
want something lower maintenance.This post explains more about these kinds of fun colouring 
techniques. A new colour can make a massive difference, in fact a dramatic change can make you 
look like a completely different person. So ideal if you’re ready for a new look.

Find a New Style
If you want to do something a little different with your hair, but don’t want to make any permanent 
changes then how about just finding a new style? If you have naturally straight hair and always wear it 
that way, how about investing in some heated rollers or a curling wand? If your hair is always worn 
wavy, you could experiment with straightening it. It’s always best to work with your natural hair texture 
and don’t go overboard on heat styling. However if you want a change every now and again, it’s a good 
way to go about it.

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