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Decorate A Rental Without Losing Your Deposit

Home, sweet home. Home is the place where you can be yourself and create a decor that reflects who you are. IN the 
entrance, you could have a handmade rack of coat-hangers, or a dramatic golden commode, enhanced by a clean pastel 
wall. Homeowners can spend several weeks planning the decor of each room. However, when you’re a tenant, and you 
don’t own the place, it often feels as if you were living with a distant aunt. Indeed, most tenancy agreements won’t let you 
decorate the house. As a result, what should be your cherished home feels like a soulless cell with a roof. Things can 
feel even worse if you’re renting a furnished property - as the furniture tends to look and feel faded. So how do you create 
your home without putting your tenancy deposit at risk? Here are some ideas to get you there.

Little tips to bring your personality indoors
Just because you can’t paint it, doesn’t mean you can’t funk it up. 
In a furnished bedroom, for instance, a  set of cute bedlinen and comfortable pillows can transform the atmosphere of 
the room. If you’ve brought your own furniture, why not give it some personality with a touch of chalk paint or a stencil 
decoration? You don’t need to rely on walls to create a colourful accent. You can cheat and bring brightness through the 
items in the room. There’s one thing that you can change in the settings, and it’s the lights. You can change the regular 
lampshades with a statement model that reflects your personality.

Enhance your outdoors
If your rented property has a garden, you need to store the garden furniture left by your landlord safely in the garage or the 
garden shed and get looking for modern garden tables. First of all, garden furniture, in a rented house, tend to left 
unattended outside throughout the year. It’s fair to say that the last thing you want to do is sit on one of those outdoors 
chairs. They’re most likely grey with dust and weather damages. Investing in a set of outdoors equipment can not only 
change the mood in the garden and make it your own. If you’re not allowed to transform the lawn area, you can certainly 
add a lot of energy by bringing in some of the best spring potted flowers. Tulips add a vibrant touch of colour, for instance. 
If you prefer useful plants instead, you can create your own cooking herbs garden in a large pot.

Play by the rules
Finally, don’t overdo it. As a tenant, you need to respect the rules set by your landlord. This means that you need to make 
sure that your interior decor doesn’t put the safety of the property at risk, for example. There’s no point preparing the 
garden for the summer season if your new furniture attracts robbers. Additionally, you need to decorate with the greatest 
car for the equipment and furniture left by the landlord. While repair costs are not your responsibility, you may be asked to 
pay if you cause damages.

In short, with some creativity and a good eye for details, you can easily bring life to a rented property without losing your 
deposit. The key is to add colours and shapes that bring the best of you to the house!

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