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Adding Some Luxury to Your Home

When we’ve lived somewhere for a long time, we can easily get bored with our décor. We see the 
same walls every day. We redecorate when we can and move our furniture around to give things a 
new lease of life, but when you see it every day, the décor that you once loved can become tedious 
and uninspiring.

One fantastic way to fall back in love with your home, and make sure that that love lasts for a long time 
to come is adding luxury. A few splashes of luxury and glamour can transform your home into your 
own personal paradise. It can help you to relax at the end of a long day, feel happy and settled, sleep 
better and take more enjoyment from your surroundings.

Look at Your Windows

Letting more natural light into your home is a great way to transform your surroundings. It’ll improve 
your mood, help you to get more vitamin D and make your home feel larger and fresher. Make sure 
your windows are in good condition and regularly cleaned so that they can let in as much light as 
possible. Then replace your dull, thick curtains with white wooden blinds to brighten things up even 

Add Some Rose Gold

Rose gold, copper and brass is a wonderful way to add some glamour. It’s shiny and expensive 
looking without the clinical look of stainless steel and silver. It’s warm, comforting and fun.

Go for Unique

Flatpack furniture is great. It’s cheap, easy to find and can be long lasting and hard wearing. But, it’s 
not particularly unique. You could find the same shelving unit in hundreds of homes in your city. Instead, 
look for one of a kind piece. If you can afford it commission someone to make you a feature piece for 
your home. If not, look in charity shops, online and at car boot sales for something original that doesn’t 
cost a fortune.

Go Big

Large oversized furniture like massive dining tables or huge comfortable sofas can give your rooms a 
new focus. They make your rooms feel comfortable and fun while looking trendy and eye-catching.

Lots of Lights

Natural light isn’t your only option. It’s fantastic, but you need more if you want real glamour. Extra 
lighting options are a wonderful way to add luxury to your home while giving you a chance to change 
the atmosphere of your room with the flick of a switch.

The Finishing Touches

Luxury isn’t all about the big pieces and highlights of the room. It’s as much about those little details. 
The finishing touches that make your home unique and show off your personality. Flowers and plants 
are a great way to give your room a little extra. Prints, photographs and artwork are a great way to add 
some fun, and candles and soft furnishing add texture, depth and warmth to your home. If your home 
is a little on the small side, you may also want to add some large feature mirrors to open the space up 
and make it feel much larger.

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