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April 30, 2018

Why do so many young people choose to work abroad?

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Thanks to the growth and development of technology and improved travel systems, young people today have the 
ability to move easily around the world, exploring other countries and experiencing different cultures. Travel is a 
great educator, and many young people have marvelous adventures abroad that they find exciting and stimulating. 
Curiosity draws them to new places, to meet new people and see first-hand other ways of life.

For some young people, the positive impact made on them by a particular country draws them there again to live 
and work, even if they know that they’ll have to get used to being in a cooler climate. If there are fewer employment 
opportunities at home, it’s an added attraction when there are vacancies abroad, and it may mean that they will be 
well rewarded.

There are a number of places that are particularly attractive, whether, for instance, you want an extended stay to 
improve your resume, a family-friendly environment for your kids, or a permanent new home:

* In Perth, for example, the workplace style is typical of Australian culture, so it’s very informal and relaxed. This 
makes it easy for people from other countries to feel that they are being treated as equals and to fit in.

* Hong Kong is one of the safest and most fascinating world cities, and is very popular with families due to the great 
educational systems, particularly the Stamford American International School. Find out more at

* Some people fall in love with a country and decide to make it their home. Toronto in Canada is one of the most 
multicultural cities in the world and attracts young people as well as families, with many deciding to make it their 
permanent place of residence.

If you’re aged between 20 and 40 years old and interested in working or living abroad, there are a number of useful 
things to check before you make any major decisions. Whether or not you are planning a permanent move, you 
need to face up to leaving behind friends and family members. If you are going solo, this might be a particular 
issue, perhaps less so if you are moving as a couple or a family.

Career options

Check out the potential for a career in your field in your chosen location and make sure that you research 
thoroughly any particular qualifications required. Depending on where you wish to go, it may be necessary to have 
certain documents, including your resume and references, translated in advance.

Legal status

Make sure that you are clear about the legal implications of a move. There may be issues around health insurance, 
pensions and your employment status that need clarification. Make sure that you are aware of any possible 
repercussions in the future, particularly if your stay is likely to be temporary.


The country that you are moving to may have very different cultural norms from your current home. It’s worth taking 
the time to fully understand these so that you feel that you are in tune with the country’s ways of working and don’t 
accidentally cause offense.
April 26, 2018

Adding Some Luxury to Your Home

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When we’ve lived somewhere for a long time, we can easily get bored with our décor. We see the 
same walls every day. We redecorate when we can and move our furniture around to give things a 
new lease of life, but when you see it every day, the décor that you once loved can become tedious 
and uninspiring.

One fantastic way to fall back in love with your home, and make sure that that love lasts for a long time 
to come is adding luxury. A few splashes of luxury and glamour can transform your home into your 
own personal paradise. It can help you to relax at the end of a long day, feel happy and settled, sleep 
better and take more enjoyment from your surroundings.

Look at Your Windows

Letting more natural light into your home is a great way to transform your surroundings. It’ll improve 
your mood, help you to get more vitamin D and make your home feel larger and fresher. Make sure 
your windows are in good condition and regularly cleaned so that they can let in as much light as 
possible. Then replace your dull, thick curtains with white wooden blinds to brighten things up even 

Add Some Rose Gold

Rose gold, copper and brass is a wonderful way to add some glamour. It’s shiny and expensive 
looking without the clinical look of stainless steel and silver. It’s warm, comforting and fun.

Go for Unique

Flatpack furniture is great. It’s cheap, easy to find and can be long lasting and hard wearing. But, it’s 
not particularly unique. You could find the same shelving unit in hundreds of homes in your city. Instead, 
look for one of a kind piece. If you can afford it commission someone to make you a feature piece for 
your home. If not, look in charity shops, online and at car boot sales for something original that doesn’t 
cost a fortune.

Go Big

Large oversized furniture like massive dining tables or huge comfortable sofas can give your rooms a 
new focus. They make your rooms feel comfortable and fun while looking trendy and eye-catching.

Lots of Lights

Natural light isn’t your only option. It’s fantastic, but you need more if you want real glamour. Extra 
lighting options are a wonderful way to add luxury to your home while giving you a chance to change 
the atmosphere of your room with the flick of a switch.

The Finishing Touches

Luxury isn’t all about the big pieces and highlights of the room. It’s as much about those little details. 
The finishing touches that make your home unique and show off your personality. Flowers and plants 
are a great way to give your room a little extra. Prints, photographs and artwork are a great way to add 
some fun, and candles and soft furnishing add texture, depth and warmth to your home. If your home 
is a little on the small side, you may also want to add some large feature mirrors to open the space up 
and make it feel much larger.
April 25, 2018

Decorate A Rental Without Losing Your Deposit

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Home, sweet home. Home is the place where you can be yourself and create a decor that reflects who you are. IN the 
entrance, you could have a handmade rack of coat-hangers, or a dramatic golden commode, enhanced by a clean pastel 
wall. Homeowners can spend several weeks planning the decor of each room. However, when you’re a tenant, and you 
don’t own the place, it often feels as if you were living with a distant aunt. Indeed, most tenancy agreements won’t let you 
decorate the house. As a result, what should be your cherished home feels like a soulless cell with a roof. Things can 
feel even worse if you’re renting a furnished property - as the furniture tends to look and feel faded. So how do you create 
your home without putting your tenancy deposit at risk? Here are some ideas to get you there.

Little tips to bring your personality indoors
Just because you can’t paint it, doesn’t mean you can’t funk it up. 
In a furnished bedroom, for instance, a  set of cute bedlinen and comfortable pillows can transform the atmosphere of 
the room. If you’ve brought your own furniture, why not give it some personality with a touch of chalk paint or a stencil 
decoration? You don’t need to rely on walls to create a colourful accent. You can cheat and bring brightness through the 
items in the room. There’s one thing that you can change in the settings, and it’s the lights. You can change the regular 
lampshades with a statement model that reflects your personality.

Enhance your outdoors
If your rented property has a garden, you need to store the garden furniture left by your landlord safely in the garage or the 
garden shed and get looking for modern garden tables. First of all, garden furniture, in a rented house, tend to left 
unattended outside throughout the year. It’s fair to say that the last thing you want to do is sit on one of those outdoors 
chairs. They’re most likely grey with dust and weather damages. Investing in a set of outdoors equipment can not only 
change the mood in the garden and make it your own. If you’re not allowed to transform the lawn area, you can certainly 
add a lot of energy by bringing in some of the best spring potted flowers. Tulips add a vibrant touch of colour, for instance. 
If you prefer useful plants instead, you can create your own cooking herbs garden in a large pot.

Play by the rules
Finally, don’t overdo it. As a tenant, you need to respect the rules set by your landlord. This means that you need to make 
sure that your interior decor doesn’t put the safety of the property at risk, for example. There’s no point preparing the 
garden for the summer season if your new furniture attracts robbers. Additionally, you need to decorate with the greatest 
car for the equipment and furniture left by the landlord. While repair costs are not your responsibility, you may be asked to 
pay if you cause damages.

In short, with some creativity and a good eye for details, you can easily bring life to a rented property without losing your 
deposit. The key is to add colours and shapes that bring the best of you to the house!

April 23, 2018

Getting Fit When You've Got No Spare Time

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Losing weight and getting fit is a challenge that requires motivation, dedication, discipline, and most 
importantly, time. That last one is the thing that often stops people from succeeding. Even if you’ve got 
the best intentions and you’re motivated, it can be really difficult to get fit if you just don’t have the time 
for regular extended exercise sessions. You end up just giving up because you don’t think there’s any 
point in doing it if you’re only doing 15 minutes here and there. The thing is, it is still possible to get fit if 
you’ve only got a short amount of time to exercise, you just need to do the right workouts. Here are 
some great ways to get fit when you’ve got a busy schedule.

Superset Exercise

Superset exercise is a tried and tested method that people use to cut down the time they spend 
working out. Instead of doing one exercise and resting between sets, then moving on to the next 
exercise and doing the same thing, you alternate between the two. So, for example, you do some 
cardio exercise for a few minutes, then switch straight to some muscle exercises, then switch back to 
the cardio. By using those rest periods to do other exercises instead, you halve the time you need to 
spend working out. Just be careful and make sure that you’re using different muscles on each 
exercise so you’re still resting that area of your body when you switch, otherwise, you could end up 
injuring yourself.

HIIT Training

High intensity interval training is one of the biggest trends in exercise at the moment, for good reason. 
Not only is it quicker, it’s also one of the best ways to lose weight because your body burns calories 
for a long while after you’ve finished the actual workout. You can do it without equipment or you can do 
it at the gym by doing HIIT workouts with the Bowflex M5 Trainer. Whatever exercise you choose, do 
20 seconds of intense activity followed by a 10 second break. Repeat this sequence 3 or 4 times for 
each activity. It doesn’t always feel like you’re doing that much of a workout because you’ve only done 
a few minutes but the intensity of the activity burns a lot of calories.

Time Rest Periods

Whether you’re doing normal workouts or HIIT training, it’s important that you’re timing your rest 
periods properly. If you get distracted between sets you could end up wasting a minute or two before 
you get back to exercising. All of those wasted seconds don’t seem like much at the time but over the 
course of an entire workout, they’ll add up and you’ll be spending more time working out than you really 
need to be. Only rest for as long as you need to, if you’re finding that you could start your second set 
sooner, then do that.

Even if you’ve only got ten minutes of spare time a day, you can still fit some exercise in and get fit.
April 19, 2018

Preparing To Vacation In Cold Climates

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Preparing to vacation in cold climates can be a relatively tough thing to be completely competent with. 
We’re slowly starting to head into the heat of summer, and as this develops we can often forget simply 
how cold places can be. If heading to a completely different country and culture, we often might focus 
on preparing ourselves for that, and not the initial biting wind and painful freeze that we might also deal 

Of course, you’re not unintelligent. You’ve likely packed your hat, your hand warmers, your scarves 
and thick parka jackets. If you know how to travel, you know how to dress warm and pack for a colder 

However, there is a much more varied degree of emotional preparation you might wish to carry out 
before heading to an environment such as this. This is because it’s easy to allow the cold weather to 
shock you into feeling displaced, relatively down, or even slightly trapped. This is not something that 
is rational to understand. Surely you shouldn’t feel like that when on vacation with your friends? But of 
course the cold can sometimes bring this feeling on without needing to feel rational at all. If this sounds 
like something you might experience, consider the following tactics:

Head Somewhere Gorgeous

There’s cold for the sake of it, and then there are places that are so radiant in their natural climate that 
the feeling of freezing doesn’t matter. Heading somewhere gorgeous such as near the ski slopes of 
Edmonton in the luxurious Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre will help nurture that 
adventurous spirit within, giving you little cause to complain about the weather around you. Also be 
sure that this place invokes a sense of adventure, as then you will form a goal that keeps you active 
and interested.

Bring Plenty Of Vitamin D

Purchasing or bringing Vitamin D supplements with you can be essential when transitioning from 
warm to extremely cold weather. For very icy environments, it can be worthwhile to consume no more 
than 4000 IU’s of Vitamin D a day. This will help your immune system function at optimal levels, and 
also help you fight feelings of fatigue that often shorter days can bring around. This is perhaps one of 
the most important considerations on this list, especially if travelling a long way to get to your 
destination. Travel sickness is no fun, but especially when you are jet lagged and dealing with icy 
temperatures. With simple methods of personal maintenance like this, you can spend more time 
appreciating the beauty around you.

Survival Pack

Some people respond to the cold environments differently than others. If you are of a sensitive 
disposition, we’d recommend bringing a survival pack with you. This can be a pouch you keep in your 
main rucksack. It should keep small medicines, a small repair kit for damaged clothes, and 
high-calorie, dense small foods. You should also carry may thick replacements for your thermal gear, 
and also wrap this pack with thermal material to ensure it isn’t compromised by the cold or damp. 
If experiencing an active vacation such as skiing for the first time, this can be a great personal 
belonging to help you feel secure.

With these tips, you can be sure that no cold climate gives you pause for thought from here on out.
April 16, 2018

3 Signs Your House Is Too Small For Your Family

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As your family grows, your house will start to feel smaller and smaller. When you’re all packed into a 
tiny space, it can put a strain on your relationships so it might be worth moving. However, it’s worth 
remembering that you can still get by in a smaller home and the moving process is going to be 
expensive and stressful so you don’t want to make any rash decisions. If you think that your family 
might be outgrowing the house but you aren’t quite sure whether you should move into a bigger place 
or not, look out for these 3 signs that your house is too small.

There’s Nowhere To Put Your Stuff

This is one of the first things you’ll notice; every time you go to put something away, you just can’t find 
a space for it. But that doesn’t always mean that the house is too small, it might mean that you’ve just 
got too much stuff. Before you decide to up and move house, try clearing some of it out first to see 
whether that makes a difference. 

Go through room by room and get rid of anything that you don’t 
actually use. If you’ve got stuff that has sentimental value but is taking up too much room in the house, 
you could put it in storage for a while. Check out this self-storage prices website to find the cheapest 
one in the local area. Once you’ve moved all of the useless junk out of the house, you might find that 
you’ve got plenty of room and you don’t need to move after all. But if you’re still struggling to find places 
for the things that you actually need, it might be time to buy a bigger house.

More People Than Bedrooms

When the kids are younger, it’s not a problem if they have to share a room. But once they start to get 
older, they need their own space, otherwise, it can cause serious problems with their development and 
it’ll cause a lot of tension between siblings. If you’ve got kids sharing a room and they’re starting to get 
a bit old for that, you need to look at moving. 

There’s no right answer about what age children should have their own rooms, it just depends on them 
really. Having said that, children of different sexes shouldn’t be sharing for too long because privacy 
becomes an issue. As a general rule, they should definitely have their own room when they hit their 
teenage years.

No Space For Alone Time

No matter how much you love your family, sometimes you need a moment to yourself. They all feel the 
same way, especially the kids. This is particularly important once the kids reach their teenage years. 
It’s not good for a family to be living on top of each other all the time. If you’re finding that there’s 
nowhere in the house where any of you can get a bit of time to yourself, you might need to think about 

These are 3 of the biggest signs that it’s time to move house but before you do, see if you can solve 
any of these problems in your current house.
April 13, 2018

Fashion On The Field: Is It Even Possible To Look Good While Working Out?

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Ever since you were old enough to know what exercise meant, you’ve likely felt pressure to get on and 
do some. When we’re in school, we have physical exercise teachers telling us about the importance of 
getting active. Even when we’re older, we feel that same pressure from time to time. Urges to get 
exercising are all around. And, that’s for a good reason.

There is a myriad of reasons to get moving. As well as helping your body and waistline, regular 
exercise can work wonders for your mental health. And, as you get older, you can be sure you’ll feel 
the effects of not exercising. That’s especially the case if you sit at a desk all day. You’ll soon start to 
seize up in ways you never thought possible.

But, why are we so reluctant to get going with that fitness regime? In truth, a lot of people assume they 
just ‘don’t like exercise.’ But, with so many different options on offer, a blanket attitude like that is 
madness. After all, even if you don’t like going to the gym, you could head out for a run. If that doesn’t 
appeal, you could sign up for a sports team of some kind. There are plenty of football clubs in every 
town. Do a little research, or read here to find out about what’s available near you. Or, you could 
undertake dance classes or swimming sessions. Why not get some friends together and start a group 
of your own? Once you think about it, the possibilities are endless.

And, that leads to the other leading reason many of us don’t get into the habit. If we’re entirely honest, 
a lot of us are worried about looking silly. This especially applies to group sports. On the one hand, 
we don’t want to put ourselves out there and reveal physical weaknesses. For the most part, though, 
this issue comes down to worrying about what you’ll wear. Many fashion conscious individuals avoid 
workouts like the plague. And, it’s easy to see why. Not all sportswear is flattering. But, if this is 
plaguing you, it’s time to find a way to look good and get fit at the same time. And, we’re going to look at how you can do it.

Find a stylish updo

For women with long hair, the worries start from the off. How are you going to keep your hair neat and 
tidy for the duration? If you opt for a standard ponytail, you can be pretty sure it’ll be all out of whack by 
the time you’re finished. And, that’s hardly going to look great. But, there are other options out there, 
and many of them look fantastic to boot. Braids are a lifesaver here. Whether you opt to a braided 
ponytail or a braided bun, your hair is sure to stick in place with these babies. They’ll offer an added 
level of protection and prettiness that could be all you need. Apply a little hairspray once you’ve 
mastered the look, and it’s unlikely you’ll come undone no matter how strenuous your exercise. 
 Include a headband, and you could hold that style in place, while also adding a splash of colour.

Only reveal what you want to

Whenever sportswear is involved, it always seems like less is more. And, that makes sense when you 
consider how hot things will get once you start out. But, if you’re self-conscious anyway, jumping in 
with a crop top might not be the best idea. If you’re a pear shape, it’s unlikely you’ll ever feel 
comfortable in options like these. But, we’re going to tell you something no one else will. You only need 
to reveal what you’re comfortable with. Sure, your workout clothes need to be tight so they don’t 
hinder you. But, there plenty of full-length lycra leggings, and tight-fitting tops which would work well. 
So, don’t think you need to strip down to get started. There are more options here than you think.

Keep makeup subtle

Given that you won’t have your standard wardrobe to hand, you may feel the need to overcompensate 
with makeup. But, heavy makeup + sweaty workout = mascara all over your face. And trust us; the 
panda look doesn’t work for anyone. So, keep makeup subtle. If possible, you want to leave off on your 
eyes, or at least settle for some subtle pencil eyeliner. Make sure, too, to keep foundation casual. If 
your layer of slap starts to slip, you can be sure your appearance will struggle. Instead, opt for 
natural-look foundations, or even just a bit of powder. It’s also worth noting that you should go for  
oil-free choices whenever possible. Sweating under a layer of dense, oily makeup can lead to 
breakouts like you wouldn’t believe.

Accessories aren’t off the cards

For those of us who love to accessorise outfits, working out can seem like a nightmare. After all, you 
need to travel light. You can hardly finish your outfit with a handbag when you’re flailing your arms 
around in Zumba class. But, accessories don’t have to be off your cards altogether. Kit bags are a 
must for carrying your stuff around, and there are some fantastic options out there. Take your time 
choosing here and you could find something which at least ensures you look good in the locker room. 
Then, it’s time to think about what you can take to the field with you. A watch is always a safe bet here, 
though you may want to opt for a sport-safe option like a Fitbit. As well as looking sporty, playing with  
colours here could really set off your outfit. It’s also worth making the most of your water bottle. The 
majority of sports people carry water bottles with them. Pick something stylish, 
 like this Ted Baker rose gold number, and you’re sure to be the envy of your sport’s team. By investing 
in a holder, you could even keep this on your person while you get down and healthy.

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