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Types of Swimming Costumes for Women

With summer around the corner, we are all expecting to release ourselves to the warmth of 
the sun as we enjoy a tantalizing swim. It could be by a poolside, or far away on a romantic 
beach holiday, the fact remains that we have to get into the style of the season. It is not just 
about swimming, it is swimming with style. You need to start preparing by getting your 
fashionable swimming costumes ready because summer will be here sooner than you think – 
you know how time flies. This means you will need to shop for the most trending swimsuits 
for this year.
While picking a swimsuit for yourself, there are some important factors that must be 
considered. It is not just about picking a lovely design from a beautiful collection. You should 
consider where and who you are going out with. Here is a guide revealing the trending styles 
of swimming costumes for women, to get an idea of what is available to choose from.

1. Swim Dress

The swim dress covers it all for those that are not ready to expose any part of their body. The 
style of swimming costume comes only as a one-piece suit, which features a fancy skirt that 
is attached to the whole costume. With this swimming outfit, your stomach and the upper 
part of your body and thighs are concealed from all those sensual invading eyes that wish to 
see more than necessary. This design is very common in bigger sizes and also for pregnant 
women. No matter your size and nature, there is something beautiful to wear on the beach or 
poolside this summer.

2. One-Piece Swimming Costume

The one-piece swimming costume is produced in a wide range of styles. The advantage of 
this type of beachwear is the fact that it conceals most part of the body. It is not revealing and 
will make an appropriate outfit for a day out on the beach in the company of your family 
members. The concept for this design is from the figure of a leotard. This is one of the 
trending styles of costumes for the beach or poolside relaxation. You should pick one of 
these; every woman should have a one-piece swimwear as part of her beach collections.

3. Bandeau Swimming Costumes

The bandeau swimsuit features two types of designs. There is the one-piece style and the 
two-piece bikini style too. The outstanding point of this brand is the detachable straps that 
come in a variety of designs; it can be made into a criss-cross format, halter neck, or 
spaghetti. Most times the material is brought together as a knot in the middle, accentuating 
the curves of the bust line. It is ideal to go for the one-piece and two-piece swimsuit as once.

4. Thong Swimsuit

The Thong swimsuit is such that you will want to wear to the beach on occasions where you 
want to get your groove on. This does not conceal much as it brings to bear the sensual 
parts of your body. A beachwear like this is really trending and should be considered if you 
are comfortable with showing off the curves that occur just in the right places. The bikini 
conceals your front while revealing your back. It also comes with a one-piece swimming wear 
that covers the front and reveals your backside.  You should be sure you are very comfortable 
and confident in this costume though.

5. String Bikini

The String bikini style of swimming costume comes in more conventional bikini design. It is a 
two-piece suit with a triangular design. The front part comfortably conceals the breast and 
bust line. The parts of the outfit that covers the breast are carved like triangles, a lower string 
connects the under of these triangles together and going all the way to make a knot at the 
back. There are two strands projecting from the top part of each triangle that covers each 
breast. These two strands go up around the neck where it is tied into a knot behind the neck 

Now, whether you are going for a concealed or revealing beach attire, decide, make sure it 
is something you are comfortable and proud to wear. The type of beachwear you choose 
should correctly suit the occasion you are attending at the beach or pool size. Do not just buy 
and wear a bikini swimsuit. Your choice usually reflects your personality.

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