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How our personalities affect our work ethic, our ability to work and our work environment

Our different personalities may affect our work ethics in a positive or negative way. The managers are 
supposed to ensure that they understand the personalities of their employees as this will provide a 
good working environment in the organization. The kind of personality that they bring to the 
organization will affect directly the behavior of the colleagues as some personalities are more likely to 
clash hence leading to conflicts that will require the managers to find a remedy.

The book "Managing Oneself" by Peter Drucker is one of the best resources when it comes to realizing 
that we are all different and one type of work might be more suitable to certain types of people. 
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There are personalities that will make you work better and others will derail you. There are people who 
are high-octane where they can work effectively in an environment that is stressful while there are 
others who have an even-keeled kind of approach to stress and they do not let the work pressures to 
affect their mood or their relationship with the other colleagues.

People with extroverted personalities will have a better output if they are kept in a position where they 
will be able to interact with other people, for example, the customer care department. They are able to 
provide helpful and friendly customer service. The introverts, on the other hand, might fit best in 
positions that will require them to stay work on computers as this one will not require them to interact 
too much with other persons.

There are people who might have easy going or casual personalities. They might frequently miss 
deadlines while on the other hand people with serious personalities will tend to meet the deadlines and 
they treat their jobs with all the respect required and hence they will have a better work environment 
as they will always be on time with their projects.

There are some employees that are creative in nature and having some brainstorming sessions with 
them will help in sparking creativity in a company. Employees who are creative in nature can be very 
helpful when it comes to problem-solving as they will always come up with new ideas on how the 
different problems that can come up in an organization can be solved.
There are people who can work best in a team while there are others who can work best when they are 
alone and always prefer to work following their individual set of instructions other than those of a 

What are your strengths and weaknesses at work and how do you plan to overcome them in the near 

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