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Scintillating Road Trips in Europe

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Europe and its scenic beauty are world famous. Even though you might often purchase travel packages from travel agencies, the majority of them offer travel option by airplane. A road-trip, however, is the best way to witness the European beauty.

If you decide to make a circuit through Europe by car, and already are looking for a map to think about the itinerary, here is the ‘not to miss’ list that you should see at least once:

Spain – If you love a road trip with amazing food then start your journey with wine-tasting in the famous Spanish vineyards followed by visiting the city - center listed as World-Heritage by the UNESCO. Then move towards the beautiful Spanish beaches and finish your trip in Bilbao. The best part of this route is you will get the best food in various restraints all through your trip.

Greece – The islands of Greece are the typical choice for the vacation. Its mainland is just the perfect place to explore. While getting on to Laconia road you can visit the remains of the Acropolis, the Parthenon, in Athens. Ancient Sparta has the remains of medieval archeological sites. If you wish to have the feel of seaside then Cape Matapan in the southernmost part of the mainland is the place for you. Olympia is a must visit, as it has the remains of ancient temples and Olympic Games.

Italy Orvieto is famous for its Gothic Cathedral, caves, and wine. This hilltop can be a great start to your journey. Then to the contrast, visit the most secluded coastal, fishing villages, ancient castle.

Ireland This place is amazing and ideal for a road trip. The Ring of Kerry offers a diversity of mountains, medieval villages, beaches, and lakes. The spectacular vision of the chiseled coasts, comfy pubs give you the best of the experience. 

Iceland – This has a vivid contrast, where the north is a volcanic prone area, which gives the most breathtaking lava fields, volcanos, geysers, mud pools, hot springs in the world; southeast has Vatnajokull icecap; while the west is filled with rocky and greenery projections.

Do not get swayed by the enthusiasm of a long road trip but keep in mind that long trips are very exciting but require a well-planned preparation to avoid any sort of trouble on the road.
A visit to your regular garages such as Kwik Fit and a thorough check-up beforehand is highly suggested.

You can consult the following checklist before hitting the road:
Must checks:
- Under the bonnet – the condition of engine oil, the automatic transmission fluid, engine coolant, battery (acid leaks, or any damage), air filter, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid level.
- Horn, wipers, all lights, air conditioner, air filter, rear view, and side mirrors.
-  The condition of brakes, suspension, and steering.
-  The condition of tires, spare tire, jack, and wheel wrench.

Must keep:
- Tire gauge
-  Extra headlight bulb
-  Flashlight and cells
- Well-equipped toolkit with electrical tape and small scissors
-  A bottle of water for windshield washer fluid, coolant, or washing the windscreen
-  First aid kit
-  Mats and work gloves
-  Drinking water, eatables like nuts, energy bars etc.
-  A soothing scent to boost alertness.

Are your bags packed and car all set? Happy journey!

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