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Restyle your home without breaking the budget

Want to add a little life back into your home but don’t want to spend a fortune on redecorating and 
expensive furniture? Well, keep reading to see how you can restyle your home without breaking the 

Cushions and rugs
Home furnishings are a great way of adding colour to a room. Reuse old cushions and pillows and 
just buy cushion covers. Dunelm, Zara home and eBay are my fav places to buy covers. If you are 
looking for a statement piece then buy a cheap plain cover and revamp it yourself. You can buy fabric 
iron-on stencils of pretty much any design, or if you're feeling creative you can add embroidery or 
stitch a contemporary pattern with some thick wool or tassels - very avant-garde!

The little details can often make the most impact. Add personality to your home by finding one-off 
pieces at markets and online sites such as eBay, there are some real bargains out there to be found! 
But if searching the car boots and market isn’t your thing, then spruce up an old piece of furniture with 
a lick of paint, or a sheepskin rug draped over a chair is a cheap and effective way of giving something 
a facelift! Super chic and you can pick them up cheap from Ikea.

Frame art
As lovely as it is having family pictures framed around the house, frames are not just for photos. 
You can buy really cheap printables from online sites such as Etsy. Print out your favourite quote, a 
contemporary illustration or simply a monochrome pattern. You can pick really cheap frames from 
Ikea or Wilkos and you’ve instantly got a piece of art that looks like it would've cost you some pretty 
pennies! You can easily make your own printables if you are savvy on the computer, or you can 
simply frame your kid's drawings from school, a magazine cover that has meaning to you, or some 
nice patterned wrapping paper - think outside the box and you can soon create a montage of 
personality for your living room.

Green living
Plants are a great inexpensive way of making a room feel more homely and inviting. You don’t have 
to be green fingered to keep an indoor plant alive, you can get low maintenance plants such as 
succulents or a rubber plant. They instantly modernise any room and you can pick up some 
cost-effective plant pots that look super chic!

Written by SYT. a lifestyle blogazine co-edited by Karis and her lifelong friend Sharlene.  
Both ladies love writing useful content for the average adult winging it through life, from travel to 
parenting, weddings to home styling

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