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Finding the Right Mattress for the Best Rest

A good night’s rest is the essential component to a good day at work or school. Creating a comfortable 
environment for deeper sleep starts with a mattress that meets your specific needs. Getting enough 
sleep is proven to increase your energy levels, support good health, help you focus on your work, and 
reduce your stress. Without the right mattress, you’re missing out on a lot.

Finding the Right Mattress for the Best Rest
With dozens of different types of mattresses carried by most major retailers, the sheer volume of 
options can make it hard to pick a mattress. Splitting all your options into a few major categories will 
help you better compare your options. All the rest of the mattresses you’ll be shopping for will feature 
some kind of blend of these types. Shopping online and comparing the features of popular mattresses 
saves a ton of time over visiting old-fashioned mattress stores. Check out the categories of modern 
mattresses to start your search on the right foot.
1. Memory Foam is a Perennial Favorite
Memory foam mattresses have been available for over a decade now, but today’s models are more 
supportive and long-lasting than ever. This type of foam conforms to your body’s shape to reduce the 
amount of pressure you experience on your joints. Whether you like to sleep on your back or side, the 
foam will accommodate your movements. The foam also takes longer to compress over the years than 
a traditional mattress, allowing you to get more use from it without sacrificing comfort.
2. Latex Mattresses Offer Premium Features

For a more advanced foam mattress experience, try a natural latex mattress. Latex rubber is dense 
enough to gently cradle your body, but soft enough to give you a comfortable sleep no matter the 
position or your body type. Choosing a natural rubber product also gives you a mattress that has innate 
antibacterial and antimicrobial resistances built right in. Unfortunately, these premium features also 
come at a premium price. But you’re buying quality that you’ll appreciate nightly for years to come.
3. Innerspring Mattresses are a Time-Tested Classic

Mattresses full of metal coils are celebrating centuries of popularity, and many people still prefer 
them to this day. A lower price tag is balanced out by moderate comfort and durability. Many 
customers choose innerspring mattresses specifically for the greater firmness offered by the internal 
coils. Choosing higher gauge wire and a greater number of total springs will ensure your sleeping 
surface is as firm as you like it.
4. Variable Air Mattresses Represent the Future

You may think of an air mattress as a sleeping surface only occasionally used for camping. Yet some 
of the best mattresses on the market feature multiple air bladders between their layers. These give the 
bed a soft but supportive feeling that is adjustable with the right equipment. Adjustable beds allow 
you to make the surface softer or firmer just by pressing a button. The mattress inflates and deflates 
slightly, helping you reach the perfect alignment for optimal comfort. Non-adjustable air mattresses 
are more affordable but less versatile.
Don’t gamble with your sleeping habits by choosing a mattress at random or by price alone. Consider 
your preferences in firmness and mattress texture before making a decision. Since you’re spending 
nearly a third of every day on your sleeping surface, you definitely need a supportive and comfortable 
mattress to help you rest and recuperate. Check out the other articles here on Classy and Pink to learn 
more about each individual mattress type and to find helpful tips on getting a better night’s rest 
starting tonight.
For more information on finding the ideal mattress visit Sam’s Club’s Mattress Guide.

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