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February 26, 2018

Finding the Right Mattress for the Best Rest

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A good night’s rest is the essential component to a good day at work or school. Creating a comfortable 
environment for deeper sleep starts with a mattress that meets your specific needs. Getting enough 
sleep is proven to increase your energy levels, support good health, help you focus on your work, and 
reduce your stress. Without the right mattress, you’re missing out on a lot.

Finding the Right Mattress for the Best Rest
With dozens of different types of mattresses carried by most major retailers, the sheer volume of 
options can make it hard to pick a mattress. Splitting all your options into a few major categories will 
help you better compare your options. All the rest of the mattresses you’ll be shopping for will feature 
some kind of blend of these types. Shopping online and comparing the features of popular mattresses 
saves a ton of time over visiting old-fashioned mattress stores. Check out the categories of modern 
mattresses to start your search on the right foot.
1. Memory Foam is a Perennial Favorite
Memory foam mattresses have been available for over a decade now, but today’s models are more 
supportive and long-lasting than ever. This type of foam conforms to your body’s shape to reduce the 
amount of pressure you experience on your joints. Whether you like to sleep on your back or side, the 
foam will accommodate your movements. The foam also takes longer to compress over the years than 
a traditional mattress, allowing you to get more use from it without sacrificing comfort.
2. Latex Mattresses Offer Premium Features

For a more advanced foam mattress experience, try a natural latex mattress. Latex rubber is dense 
enough to gently cradle your body, but soft enough to give you a comfortable sleep no matter the 
position or your body type. Choosing a natural rubber product also gives you a mattress that has innate 
antibacterial and antimicrobial resistances built right in. Unfortunately, these premium features also 
come at a premium price. But you’re buying quality that you’ll appreciate nightly for years to come.
3. Innerspring Mattresses are a Time-Tested Classic

Mattresses full of metal coils are celebrating centuries of popularity, and many people still prefer 
them to this day. A lower price tag is balanced out by moderate comfort and durability. Many 
customers choose innerspring mattresses specifically for the greater firmness offered by the internal 
coils. Choosing higher gauge wire and a greater number of total springs will ensure your sleeping 
surface is as firm as you like it.
4. Variable Air Mattresses Represent the Future

You may think of an air mattress as a sleeping surface only occasionally used for camping. Yet some 
of the best mattresses on the market feature multiple air bladders between their layers. These give the 
bed a soft but supportive feeling that is adjustable with the right equipment. Adjustable beds allow 
you to make the surface softer or firmer just by pressing a button. The mattress inflates and deflates 
slightly, helping you reach the perfect alignment for optimal comfort. Non-adjustable air mattresses 
are more affordable but less versatile.
Don’t gamble with your sleeping habits by choosing a mattress at random or by price alone. Consider 
your preferences in firmness and mattress texture before making a decision. Since you’re spending 
nearly a third of every day on your sleeping surface, you definitely need a supportive and comfortable 
mattress to help you rest and recuperate. Check out the other articles here on Classy and Pink to learn 
more about each individual mattress type and to find helpful tips on getting a better night’s rest 
starting tonight.
For more information on finding the ideal mattress visit Sam’s Club’s Mattress Guide.
February 14, 2018

9 Possible Reasons You’re Struggling To Sleep

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If we’re going to be at our sizzling best, then there are few things we need to have. The first is a good 
diet; energy doesn’t come for free! We also need to be clear about our direction in life, and what we’re 
trying to achieve. It’s not easy, but it’s a worthwhile journey. We also need to ensure that we’re well 
rested so that we can take on the day with gusto. Alas, some people find falling asleep to be a 
challenge that they can’t seem to conquer. But if you’re one of these people, then fear not! Below, 
we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why you’re having trouble hitting the land of Nod. Make the 
changes, and you’ll be back at your energetic best in no time.


You’re Not Tired

There’s no such thing as the ideal time to go to bed. There’s only the time that’s right for you! There’s 
little virtue in looking at the clock and thinking “it’s 10 pm, guess it’s time to go to bed!” That’ll only be 
the right course of action if you’re tired at that time. If you’re not, you’re going to be tossing and turning 
in bed, which will not make you fall asleep anytime soon. Instead, only take yourself to bed once you’re 
actually tired. Everything’s much easier if you’re only crawling into the sack when you actually have a 
chance of falling asleep.

Alcohol Intake

Now, there is some truth to the idea that “alcohol makes us fall asleep.” However, while it might help 
you to fall asleep initially, it’s not going to lead to a pleasant, well rested night. See, while alcohol might 
make it easy to close your eyes, the quality of your sleep is going to be severely impaired. You won’t 
reach the deep level of sleep that’s needed to be well-rested come morning time, and indeed may 
even find yourself waking up in the early hours of the morning. If you’re having an alcoholic drink before 
you go to bed in the belief that it’ll lead to a restful night, it’s time to cut it out.

Noise and Light

There are a few things that we biologically need to fall asleep. Back in the olden days, we’d get our 
rest when the sun had set, and there was nothing else for us to do. Now, we have artificial lighting 
everywhere, but our minds can’t tell the difference. If there’s a source of light shining into your room, then make sure that it’s covered up. You might want to go to sleep, but your mind is probably thinking that, since there’s light, there’s a chance that it’s daytime. And noise? Well, that’s just distracting. If you live in an overly noisy street, then consider soundproofing your home - or invest in high-quality ear plugs.

Turning Over Problems

No one has a perfect life. There will always be things that we’re tossing over in our minds. However, 
while it can be good to think about issues - it’s only effective at the right times. You’re not going to get 
very far if you’re trying to find solutions at the same time that you’re trying to fall asleep. Instead, do 
your best to leave any issues you may have away from the bedroom. You won’t be able to do anything 
about them at night anyway - and there’s little point in worrying about unsolvable problems!

Unhealthy Gut

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, then it’s important to be aware that it might not be anything 
external that’s causing the problem: the issue might be inside you. What’s happening in your good 
can have a big impact on how easy you find it to fall asleep, and the overall quality of your sleep, too. 
Indeed, a BBC documentary by Dr Michael Mosley found that prebiotics are effective in improving 
sleep. If you’re not getting enough fibre in your diet, take a read of What Protein inulin. Aside from 
many other benefits, it’ll ensure you’re more readily able to hit the land of nod once you’re in bed.


Chaotic Room

Our minds react to what’s going on around them. If you have a chaotic room, then it’ll be no surprise 
if your mind is also chaotic. It might sound simple, but by getting your room all straightened out, you’ll 
be able to better process the thoughts of your mind. And in any case, it’s much nicer to wake up in an  
organised space rather than one that’s got clothes, and other junk spread all over it.

Too Much Tech

Technology has, for sure, made the world a better place. But there is such a thing as too much tech, 
and this is especially true when it comes to sleep. Our minds are not designed to process so much 
buzzing, lights, sound, and everything else that goes along with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 
Experts suggest that you avoid all screen time in the two hours before you hit the hay. Your mind will 
be calmer and more clear; exactly the things you need to fall asleep.

Just Right

Let’s move on from our minds for a second; what about the body? If you’re too hot, or too cold, then 
your body will not be able to reach the level of tranquillity that it needs to fall asleep. It’s a bit like 
needing the toilet; if something isn’t quite right, then your body is going to keep on nagging you until it 
gets what it needs. In this case, more or less heat.

Afternoon Coffee

You might think that you need that extra cup of coffee to get through the last couple of hours of work, 
but it’s worth keeping in mind just what all that caffeine is doing to your nervous system. A cup of 
coffee can stay in your system for up to twelve hours. If you’re drinking it at 3 pm, don’t be surprised if 
by midnight you’re still in a state of alertness.

Doing any of the above? Make the changes today!
February 13, 2018

Improve your business with wall murals

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In the event that words generally can't show what you want to express, you can turn to other ways of expressing what you 
want or attracting new customers.  If you need to pull in your clients and demonstrate to them what your business brings 
to the table, wall murals can be a great choice. They can do not only that but are limited only by your imagination.

Definitely, wall murals will add some extra tinge and uniqueness to your business at an affordable rate. They have a huge 
number of other benefits, so let’s have a look at some of them and gain more information for you to make the right choice.

1. Capture Attention

Murals grasp everyone’s attention! Basically, most organizations are employing murals just to make their business more 
attractive. Overall, it’s regarded as a landmark for most business people since these are easily identifiable and popular.

A picture symbolizes a thousand words, thus, expressing your company’s goal and achievements via pictures will reveal 
your business attitudes and beliefs. It helps others to identify your business more easily.

2. Offer your business a special appearance

Another best thing about the wall murals is that it offers your business a special look. You can make a wall mural just by 
expressing your ideas to the artists. It makes your business unique compared to all other business in the market. The unique 
appearance will help the customers to remember your company always. Additionally, it develops an atmosphere according 
to your personality and budget.

3. Artistic excellence

Wall murals not only offer you a unique appearance but also can become a particular piece of art. You can enjoy the 
benefit of original and excellent artistic values. For giving you a genuine feel, all the murals can be painted by hand. 
Hanging these arts in your business will give a pleasant feel to all the customers visiting.

Considerations before deciding the desired material

There are many choices for making your ideal mural, but there are a couple of things to consider while picking the correct 
item to fulfill all your needs. For instance: consider the wall shape and other varieties to avoid issues in a window or door 

At long last, decide the location of the mural whether it need to be placed inside or outside to attract the potential customers 
visiting your organization. Be cautious while displaying it since your mural needs to be resistant to all climatic conditions.

Good luck in transforming and improving your business! Do you have a favorite image that you'd like to show as a wall 
February 11, 2018

BioDermRX: 2018's Best Anti-Aging Product?

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Wouldn't we all just love to know what 2018's best anti-aging product is. Think of all the time and 
money it would save for people buying and trying different products, only to be disappointed with 
the results. The BioDermRX 3-step skin care system promises not to disappoint and could just be the 
holy grail of skin care so many consumers have been searching for. Its Flawless Face, Age Defy, and 
Eye Renew products work synergistically to produce astonishing results as skin appears cleaner, 
more hydrated, brighter, less wrinkled, and under-eye areas are smoother and rejuvenated.
How it Works

Step 1 of the three-fold system starts with a facial cleansing gel and exfoliator, Flawless Face. This 
cleanser deep cleanses the pores, minimizing blackheads and removing buildup. At the same time, 
the skin layer is being exfoliated and hydrated at a cellular level.

Step 2 involves the Age Defy product, which is a powerful anti-aging serum. It not only reduces the 
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also restores the brightness and clarity of tone associated 
with younger-looking skin.

Step 3 uses the Eye Renew product. The eyes are not only the windows to the soul, but also reveal 
a person's true age. Often dark circles, puffiness, and under-eye hollows are the worst culprits of 
aging skin. Eye Renew works to tone the all-important under-eye areas, smooth away those crow’s 
feet, and restore a brighter youthful look. It does this by rejuvenating the cells from the inside out.


Green tea extract is one of BioDermRX's powerful ingredients, and studies have shown it to contain 
polyphenols that enhance the work of free radicals. Free radicals prolong the skin's hydration, 
firmness, and elasticity.

Rosemary extract is known for its antioxidant properties. Not only does it provide a pleasant aroma, 
but it also contains powerful antimicrobial properties.

Ceramide complex has been hailed in its ability to fight acne. Studies have shown that moisturizers 
containing ceramide complex have great benefits for acne sufferers.

Retinol palmitate, a topical application containing retinoids, is a powerful reducer of fine lines and 
wrinkles. It is also counteractive to sun damage and known to clear up serious acne.

Where to Buy

BioDermRX is exclusively available at the manufacturer's website and even offers a money-back 
guarantee. Becoming a VIP member entitles you to the entire skin care system, plus the Instalift 
product for $89.95/month. That way, users can experience both the short- and long-term effects of 
the skin care system.

Final Thoughts

Users are singing the praises of the BiodermRX’s three-step system. People have noticed changes in 
as little as a week, and women have reported being pleasantly shocked by the years removed from 
their appearance, as well as how much better their skin feels and looks.

Alyssa at Style Vanity stated this the product was worth ditching the store brands for. Additionally, 
industry leaders like Supplementos have given the product 4.5 out of five stars and stated that they 
praise the products for not containing any harmful ingredients like similar products on the market 

If you are looking for an effective skin care system to try in 2018, give BioDermRX a shot. With a 
money back guarantee, you have little to risk by trying it. Plus, you can save yourself some time by 
not having to scour drugstore shelves to find the best anti-aging products on the market.
February 08, 2018

Restyle your home without breaking the budget

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Want to add a little life back into your home but don’t want to spend a fortune on redecorating and 
expensive furniture? Well, keep reading to see how you can restyle your home without breaking the 

Cushions and rugs
Home furnishings are a great way of adding colour to a room. Reuse old cushions and pillows and 
just buy cushion covers. Dunelm, Zara home and eBay are my fav places to buy covers. If you are 
looking for a statement piece then buy a cheap plain cover and revamp it yourself. You can buy fabric 
iron-on stencils of pretty much any design, or if you're feeling creative you can add embroidery or 
stitch a contemporary pattern with some thick wool or tassels - very avant-garde!

The little details can often make the most impact. Add personality to your home by finding one-off 
pieces at markets and online sites such as eBay, there are some real bargains out there to be found! 
But if searching the car boots and market isn’t your thing, then spruce up an old piece of furniture with 
a lick of paint, or a sheepskin rug draped over a chair is a cheap and effective way of giving something 
a facelift! Super chic and you can pick them up cheap from Ikea.

Frame art
As lovely as it is having family pictures framed around the house, frames are not just for photos. 
You can buy really cheap printables from online sites such as Etsy. Print out your favourite quote, a 
contemporary illustration or simply a monochrome pattern. You can pick really cheap frames from 
Ikea or Wilkos and you’ve instantly got a piece of art that looks like it would've cost you some pretty 
pennies! You can easily make your own printables if you are savvy on the computer, or you can 
simply frame your kid's drawings from school, a magazine cover that has meaning to you, or some 
nice patterned wrapping paper - think outside the box and you can soon create a montage of 
personality for your living room.

Green living
Plants are a great inexpensive way of making a room feel more homely and inviting. You don’t have 
to be green fingered to keep an indoor plant alive, you can get low maintenance plants such as 
succulents or a rubber plant. They instantly modernise any room and you can pick up some 
cost-effective plant pots that look super chic!

Written by SYT. a lifestyle blogazine co-edited by Karis and her lifelong friend Sharlene.  
Both ladies love writing useful content for the average adult winging it through life, from travel to 
parenting, weddings to home styling
February 07, 2018

Great Interactive Guide to the Winter Olympics

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February 07, 2018

Scintillating Road Trips in Europe

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Do not get swayed by the enthusiasm of a long road trip but keep in mind that long trips are very 
exciting but require a well-planned preparation to avoid any sort of trouble on the road. A visit to your 
regular garages such as Kwik Fit and a thorough check-up beforehand is highly suggested.

You can consult the following checklist before hitting the road:
Must checks:
- Under the bonnet – the condition of engine oil, the automatic transmission fluid, engine coolant, 
battery (acid leaks, or any damage), air filter, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, power steering 
fluid level.
- Horn, wipers, all lights, air conditioner, air filter, rear view, and side mirrors.
-  The condition of brakes, suspension, and steering.
-  The condition of tyres, spare tyre, jack, and wheel wrench.

Must keep:
- Tyre gauge
-  Extra headlight bulb
-  Flashlight and cells
- Well-equipped toolkit with electrical tape and small scissors
-  A bottle of water for windshield washer fluid, coolant, or washing the windscreen
-  First aid kit
-  Mats and work gloves
-  Drinking water, eatables like nuts, energy bars etc.
-  A soothing scent to boost alertness.

Are your bags packed and car all set?
For image source click here
Europe and its scenic beauty are world famous. Even though you might often purchase travel packages 
from travel agencies, the majority of them offer travel option by airplane. A road-trip, however, is the 
best way to witness the European beauty.

If you decide to make a circuit through Europe by car, and already are looking for a map to think about 
the itinerary, here is the ‘not to miss’ list that you should see at least once:

Spain – If you love a road trip with amazing food then start your journey with wine-tasting in the 
famous Spanish vineyards followed by visiting the city - center listed as World-Heritage by the 
UNESCO. Then move towards the beautiful Spanish beaches and finish your trip in Bilbao. The best 
part of this route is you will get the best food in various restraints all through your trip.

Greece – The islands of Greece are the typical choice for the vacation. Its mainland is just the perfect 
place to explore. While getting on to Laconia road you can visit the remains of the Acropolis, the 
Parthenon, in Athens. Ancient Sparta has the remains of medieval archeological sites. If you wish to 
have the feel of seaside then Cape Matapan in the southernmost part of the mainland is the place for 
you. Olympia is a must visit, as it has the remains of ancient temples and Olympic Games.

Italy Orvieto is famous for its Gothic Cathedral, caves, and wine. This hilltop can be a great start to 
your journey. Then to the contrast, visit the most secluded coastal, fishing villages, ancient castle.

Ireland This place is amazing and ideal for a road trip. The Ring of Kerry offers a diversity of 
mountains, medieval villages, beaches, and lakes. The spectacular vision of the chiseled coasts, comfy 
pubs give you the best of the experience.

Iceland – This has a vivid contrast, where the north is a volcanic prone area, which gives the most 
breathtaking lava fields, volcanos, geysers, mud pools, hot springs in the world; southeast has 
Vatnajokull icecap; while the west is filled with rocky and greenery projections.
Happy journey!

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