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Experience your favourite musical spots from various countries

Music is highly motivating for most of the people because it brings out passion from the inner self. 
A recent eBook from Chill Insurance got me thinking about how many individuals travel to distant 
locations in order to experience their passion for music.

There are some locations around the globe which are very famous for their elegant music events. 
Let’s discover here some of the locations and their unique qualities.

Favourite locations for Music

You can find regions that have their unique advantages in terms of their unique style of music which 
they carry. Thus they are continuously attracting numerous music lovers yearly. If you plan to visit 
them make sure to map out your trip early and reserve tickets. You can use Airbnb for finding cheap 
places to sleep in the area.

Dublin, Ireland: Dublin’s musical heritage is a real point of pride for its residents. You can visit places 
such as the Cobblestone pub, known for its best traditional Irish music sessions, or The Stag’s Head, 
a well-preserved Victorian pub that dates back to 1770, organizing an energetic traditional Irish music 
session each weekend. Other renown sites are the Vicar Street venue, Whelan’s pub, or the Irish 
Rock ’N’ Roll Museum that attract many local music lovers.

Nashville, Tennessee: a landlocked state which is located in southern part of the U.S. This place 
is the home of Country’s Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This adds the importance of this location 
over the minds of music lovers. Dyess, Arkansas, also located in the US, is mainly known for its 
abundant park and even the wilderness areas. Here the house of the legendary singer Johnny Cash 
is located. People from around the globe are traveling here to visit this house.

The Donauinselfest Festival is an outdoor music festival held annually in Donauinsel (Vienna, 
Austria). According to numerous press articles, Donauinselfest is the largest outdoor event in Europe;
 it is expected to reach the threshold of 3 million visitors soon. 1,500 volunteers along with the police 
help make Donauinselfest one of the safest events of its kind.

Roskilde Festival (Denmark) is an international cultural event that stretches over a week focusing 
on environmental issues as well as cultural and humanitarian causes, The Roskilde Festival reflects 
the challenges of the surrounding world and society. All the profits earned from this festival are 
donated to humanitarian and cultural causes.

It's a wonderful thing when we meet people with at least the same concepts and tastes. The 
listeners' desire to be in a place surrounded only by people who share the same emotions caused 
by music, along with the opportunities available to us for today's technology and globally developed 
transport, has made people travel long distances to get to their favorite musical spots. Music is an 
important component of our lives, and will surely remain to be so for all generations.

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