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Choose the best handbag for you

As a woman, having a stylish handbag is an important part of your fashionable dressing. You have to 
carry a handbag daily, wherever you go, hence it is very important to select the best one not only in 
terms of quality and durability but also in terms of fashion. Here are a few tips that you can use 
whenever you are in the shop to select a handbag for you:

Do the research

You should always be careful while choosing the style of the handbag. When you want to select one 
for a special occasion you must keep in mind that you will be going for something of a different style. 
A handbag that is too formal may not suit those who dress casually. Selection of handbag is a tricky 
task and you may have to do a lot of research.

Take notes

For inspiration, you can go through the pictures in the fashion magazines since there you may come 
across with numerous types of handbags in a variety of styles and also you can note the type of 
handbags worn by the models who are dressed in clothes that are similar to your clothes.

You can note the style even if you may not be 100% impressed by it since you can go for a handbag 
of the similar style but in different colors, made of different materials and also in slightly different sizes. 
Finding out the style is important – whether it is a slouch bag or a clutch bag or a tote, etc.

Complementary choosing

The fashionable handbag is the one that compliments the shape of your body. Go for a handbag that 
has opposite features while considering the shape of your body. A round and thick handbag is suitable 
for a tall and slim girl. A handbag with strong angles is a great addition to a short and curvy body.

Small and compact handbags are of course fashionable, hence those who want to consider only the 
fashion aspect can go for them. Otherwise, if a tall girl carries a small handbag, she is more likely to 
lose the bag. Similarly, a short girl finds it difficult to carry a bigger handbag.

Those with small hips can go for handbags that sit on their hips because they will suit them better than 
lengthy ones. Those who are with larger hips may prefer to have a handbag that sits at their waistline 
since this type will make them appear slimmer. Generally, the handbag that sits at waist level suits to 
most of the shapes, thus, it is always advisable to have this type in your personal collection.

Ideally, I personally would love to wear Louis Vuitton handbags, although they are really pricey and 
cannot afford one at the moment. Versace Jeans and Zara also have a great selection of handbags 
and with a more affordable price, so if you cannot afford to pay $2000+ on a designer handbag but 
still want to look fashionable, these can be great sources to find the right pick for you.
What are your favorite brands and what is your number one criteria when choosing a new handbag? 
Whatever be the style of that handbag, however, it should always match your tastes and preferences. 
You want to be fashionable and at the same time, you want to feel good while wearing it and letting it 
express your own personality and the best parts of who you are.

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