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5 Alternative Things to Do In Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most exciting and beautiful cities that I have been too. It is full of historic attractions and cultural delights to take in. There are plenty of touristy places to go, but why not check out some of the more unusual things that Bangkok has to offer.
Here are five of the more Peculiar things to see in Bangkok.
  1. Get lost in Bangkok.

The best thing to do when you get to any city is just walking around with no attention of going anywhere. This way you will find out small hidden gems about the city and thinks to do.  I have had many times where I have been in a car or bus and found many sites I wanted to stop ditch the car and walk. The wonderful part about walking the streets. Is that you’ll stumble upon the vast amount of street food stalls in case you’re hungry or they will make you hungry.

  1. Attend a Muay Thai Fight

Image result for Muay Thai Fight

I did not get to and watch a Muay Thai fight but my brother and dad did and they said it was amazing. I wish I went to a fight. Muay Thai is the thrilling martial art from Thailand. Mixed martial arts is a different style of kickboxing.
  1. Bangkok extraordinary Airplane Graveyard

Image result for 3. Bangkok Airplane Graveyard

The airplane Graveyard is a massive field with many broken and abandoned old aircrafts bodies. As well as this, there are seats torn out, and lots of other parts removed. It is a great spot for any photographer out there. It has become home to destitute families seeking a home. So, be awe of this and be nice when visiting.

  1. Explore outside of Bangkok to one of historical floating Market
The flatting markets are a market. Are where products are sold from boats and floating shops. Originating back in the days when water transport played a huge role in their daily life.
Today mainly serve as tourist attractions, but it is still a wonderful place to see an image years ago this is how people in Thailand went shopping to get goods.
  1. Head over to Bang Krachao.

Image result for Bang Krachao
It is known as the “green lungs” of Bangkok, Bang Krachao is an area of intact mangroves and orchards. Bang Kachao is an Island that was made by a curve in the Chao-Phraya River or the western end of Bangkok.

You can find this calm place to get away and relax from the busy center of Bangkok. It is found in the location of Phra Pradaeng District.

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