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The future is now – hot the iPhone changed the world

More than 10 years after the first Apple mobile device has been released, a lot has changed in the way 
we use our phones. We could rightfully say the iPhone has revolutionized the way we access the  
internet and the way we interact with each other. It is documented that internet browsing is now made 
more on mobile devices than on desktop ones, with an increase from 5% since the launch of the 
iPhone in 2010 to more than 51% in 2017.

You can now use your phone not only for talking but also for high-quality pictures, for satellite 
navigation, for listening to quality music, for seeing your loved ones in real time, you can even pay 
using your iPhone, use it as a television, a radio or recording device, health device and much more.

The multitude of apps that is available has made life easier for millions of users. If you ask the majority 
of smartphone users today, they will say that their smartphone is indispensable and has become an 
every day carry item. Buying an iPhone case together with a purchased iPhone has become a must 
due to this very reason, and today you are more likely to care if you lose your house keys than if you 
lose your smartphone.

Smartphones have transformed also the way businesses work and created new business models. 
The central role smartphones play in business is determined by their high processing power, higher 
than the older computers, and by the multitude of built-in sensors and internet connectivity that offer 
companies the possibility to have almost permanent access to customers on a device that they 
always carry with them.

This trend shows no sign of slowing down, however, and the smartphone industry has grown year 
by year. Looking back, one could enthusiastically state that if in just 10 years there has been so 
much progress made, then what do next ten years have in store for us?

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