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Getting creative with your living room decor

The living room of any home is the place that guests are directed to when they visit, and where families typically spend time together talking, relaxing, and hanging out.
Designing a comfortable and stylish living room is a great way to show off your style and creativity. Take a look at the following for creative and fun living room décor ideas.

Creative design scheme
Style your living room in a way that represents your tastes by choosing a scheme that your whole family will love. Look to your family’s interests for inspiration.
If your family enjoys being outdoors, then you might like to use a natural color scheme of subtle blue and green combined with wood tones. Paint a woodland scene on an accent wall or create a stunning graduated paint effect that adds depth and mimics a sunset or calming ocean.
Movie-lovers might like to recreate a vintage theater look in the living room with plush velvet sofas and recliners. Brushed nickel or chrome are glitzy finishes for fixtures in a living room suited to showcase all the latest movies. Don’t forget to include plenty of tables with coasters for snacks and drinks on movie night.
Lighten up
Go for a distinctive living room window style by installing sleek new shutters that go with any interior design scheme. Shutters are perfect for bringing in natural sunlight during the day, displaying the dazzling sunset at dusk, and in the evening, they can be closed for privacy. is where you can find useful tips on what type of shutters to buy and how to install them.
Create a dramatic effect with levels of lighting. Bright overhead lighting works for group tasks, while soft lamplight is useful for reading or watching TV. Get a pair of funky lamps or lampshades for a twist of style. Recessed lights allow you to highlight sections of the room for a touch of drama.
Upcycled style
Upcycling is a way to be creative for those who enjoy a design project. Taking something and transforming it into a new and unique item is incredibly popular among DIY designers. Upcycling is earth-friendly and fun to do.
For a rustic living room, you might upcycle old denim or flannel clothes into new pillows for your couch or take an old wooden door and attach legs to make a coffee table. You might even like to create coasters by staining thin pieces of wood.
Ultra-modern interior schemes can utilize upcycling techniques. Create a lamp or shelf using pipes for a modern industrial look; make an ottoman by topping a washtub, wire basket, or crate with a handmade tufted lid. Add legs to a file cabinet to make a modern metal end table.
There are upcycling projects for just about any style and skill level, so gather your unused items and peruse the internet for creative ways to turn them into interior décor.
Hopefully, these tips help inspire you to create a striking living room interior design. From a personalized design scheme to distinctive windows and furniture, you can create an interior that will wow guests and that your family will adore.

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