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City vs Country: Where Do You Want to Live?

The choice between living in the city and the country is one which has been around for decades 
and decades. For some people, the answer is blindingly obvious, but for others, the decision is a 
lot trickier. Of course, living in the countryside isn’t quite as isolating as it once was with the constant 
improvement of transportation links and improvement of facilities. But it still can’t match the level of 
activity found in the world’s big cities. On the other hand, some people just love the quiet life! If you 
are still finding that your head is in a spin, in this article, we will weigh up the 
pros and cons of city or country living so you are in a position to make a more informed decision. 
Let’s get started!

City Life - Pros

One of the major advantages of living in a city is that you can get pretty much anything you want, 
anytime that you want it. There is such as myriad of food, entertainment and shopping opportunities: 
you name it, you can have it. While the roads are obviously a lot busier, the wide availability of public 
transport options often make having a car redundant (particularly if there is a good metro line). Also, 
there tends to be a wide variety of different working opportunities available so you can get the job that 
suits you

We have spoken about choice a lot so far, and there also tend to be a whole range of options when 
it comes to accommodation including urban lofts, flats, houses, skyscrapers, a cluster house, to 
name a few. There is also always something to do with a wide range of different clubs and activities 
to take part in. And you are also in close proximity to fire departments, police, and hospitals, giving 
you that added sense of safety.

City Life - Cons

Now, onto the disadvantages. Cities tend to be very expensive, and you will find yourself shelling 
out a lot more every month than if you lived in the countryside. Buying a property is a lot more 
expensive, so people tend to find themselves renting which puts them at the mercy of landlords. 
And in the biggest cities in the world, you are likely to find yourself paying through the nose for 
even the lowest standard of accommodation.

Crime rates in the big cities tend to be higher, so you are likely to be a lot more wary when you are 
walking the streets at night. And even though we talked about a lot more jobs being available in the 
cities, the competition for those jobs tends to be a lot higher so it is easy to find yourself embroiled 
in a rat race. Also, you have to contend with things like the pollution, traffic and sense of 

Country Life - Pros

Now, let’s turn our attention to country living to look closer at the positives of this way of life. First 
and foremost, you have the scenery to enjoy and plenty of opportunities for strolling around in air 
which feels a lot fresher than in the big cities. Secondly, you can enjoy plenty of peace and quiet 
and a generally less stressful way of life. Look up to the sky, and you are even likely to see stars!

Crime rates tend to be significantly lower than in the city, particularly the rates of serious crime so 
you are likely to feel a lot safer when you make the countryside your home. As well as this, there 
also tends to be a greater sense of community, which is something that is much more difficult to 
find in the big cities. So, if you like the idea of everyone knowing your name, this may well be the 
option for you!

Country Life - Cons

While we may have painted quite a rosy picture of country living in the last paragraph, it obviously 
comes with its fair share of negatives as well. You have a lot less access to the services that you need 
and public transport tends to be much more infrequent. Therefore, you are likely to have to get used 
to the shops in your local area or else drive to get back into civilisation! Unlike the myriad of clubs and 
entertainment options you find in the city, your choices are bound to be much more limited out in the 

We talked about the sense of community that you get from life in the countryside, but this can easily 
end up working against you as well. You are likely to find that everyone knows your business, and one 
wrong move could put you in the bad books of the entire community. Technology also tends to be a lot 
trickier to get working, so you may well find that you struggle to get phone reception and your WiFi 
speed could well be non-existent. This could end up being particularly problematic if you work as a 
freelancer or run your own business that relies on quick access to the internet.      

The Final Choice is Yours

So, hopefully, you have read through this guide and one of the options stands out above the other 
when you are choosing whether the city or the country is right for you. Ultimately, it all depends on 
your priorities and what you are looking for in your life. And, you can also find places which provide 
a good compromise. So, a place in the suburbs may well provide you with good access to the city as 
well as the feeling of living out in the countryside.

It is difficult to really discount either one of the options unless you have experienced both. There are 
plenty of city dwellers out there who thought they would despise a life in the countryside only to be 
proven wrong, and vice-versa. Whichever one you choose, you should embrace the new life in front 
of you as much as possible as there are plenty of positives either way.  

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