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5 Tips to running a beauty salon

Opening up a beauty salon is essentially the same as opening up any other small business. There is a great deal that goes into running your business from finding the perfect location, creating a business and marketing plan that will work, along with finding the right staffing model and supply distributor. There is a great deal of time and attention to detail that goes into opening a business. If you are just starting out and you are either about to open up a salon or you are a new salon owner, this article will highlight some tips to help you in running your salon to the best of your ability.  1. Create a business plan. The first thing that you need to do before you start your business is to create a plan. Your business plan should outline your business goals, mission, values, and a roadmap that will lead you to success. There are many free templates online if you are having a hard time getting started with this process. Sometimes it is helpful to find a mentor who

City vs Country: Where Do You Want to Live?

Photo Credit The choice between living in the city and the country is one which has been around for decades  and decades. For some people, the answer is blindingly obvious, but for others, the decision is a  lot trickier. Of course, living in the countryside isn’t quite as isolating as it once was with the constant  improvement of transportation links and improvement of facilities. But it still can’t match the level of  activity found in the world’s big cities. On the other hand, some people just love the quiet life! If you  are still finding that your head is in a spin, in this article, we will weigh up the  pros and cons of city or country living so you are in a position to make a more informed decision.  Let’s get started! City Life - Pros Photo Credit One of the major advantages of living in a city is that you can get pretty much anything you want,  anytime that you want it. There is such as myriad of food, entertainment and shopping opportunities: 

It's a good deal only if you need it - Rules about renting

When you want to rent, it is very important to keep in mind some key #RentingRules and to inform yourself about the rights and obligations that you have. When you go to see the house for the first time, try to have a personal and relaxed conversation with the person presenting the house. Be prepared to ask some key questions about the home you see. Clarity is power First of all, ask how much the rent costs and when and how should it be paid? It is a trivial information, but it's necessary to avoid misunderstandings later. Also, clarify what is the duration of the rental contract and what will happen at the end of the rental period. Know your obligations The main responsibility you have as a tenant is to pay rent on time as well as to pay the utility bills. You have to keep the house safe, lock the doors, start the alarm, clean it and not cause damage to the home. In order to ensure the fulfillment of these obligations, a certain amount is usually required as a gu

The future is now – hot the iPhone changed the world

More than 10 years after the first Apple mobile device has been released, a lot has changed in the way  we use our phones. We could rightfully say the iPhone has revolutionized the way we access the   internet and the way we interact with each other. It is documented that internet browsing is now made  more on mobile devices than on desktop ones, with an increase from 5% since the launch of the  iPhone in 2010 to more than 51% in 2017. You can now use your phone not only for talking but also for high-quality pictures, for satellite  navigation, for listening to quality music, for seeing your loved ones in real time, you can even pay  using your iPhone, use it as a television, a radio or recording device, health device and much more. The multitude of apps that is available has made life easier for millions of users. If you ask the majority  of smartphone users today, they will say that their smartphone is indispensable and has become an  every day carry item.

The benefits of colour in early years

It is known that a baby is born with monochrome vision and unable to distinguish the difference between colours. However young children’s brains are stimulated by bright colours — it grabs their attention and feeds their curious minds. It is not until around 8 months when their colour vision is fully developed and by 3-4 years, a child can begin to recognise and name basic colours. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to a child, how do you think it can colour benefit a child’s early years development? Infinite Playgrounds, educational play area designers, have provided us with more of an insight.    The benefits of colour Depending on age there are many benefits of a child’s exposure to colour. Babies begin to notice bright colours at 8 months and this stimulates their minds. It is important to expose a baby to different shades of the same colour because it can help them make important colour connections early on in life. It is not recommended to surround them with the same

Getting creative with your living room decor

The living room of any home is the place that guests are directed to when they visit, and where families typically spend time together talking, relaxing, and hanging out. Designing a comfortable and stylish living room is a great way to show off your style and creativity. Take a look at the following for creative and fun living room décor ideas. Creative design scheme Style your living room in a way that represents your tastes by choosing a scheme that your whole family will love. Look to your family’s interests for inspiration. If your family enjoys being outdoors, then you might like to use a natural color scheme of subtle blue and green combined with wood tones. Paint a woodland scene on an accent wall or create a stunning graduated paint effect that adds depth and mimics a sunset or calming ocean. Movie-lovers might like to recreate a vintage theater look in the living room with plush velvet sofas and recliners. Brushed nickel or chrome are glitzy finishes for fixtu