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Bring A Little Originality & Charm To Your Garden

Many people find themselves basically ignoring the garden, as they might not see it as the most important space in the home. While there might be other parts of your home which you are more concerned with on a daily basis, the fact is that the garden is an important aspect of the whole space, and one in which you can find yourself expressing your creativity more easily than in many other parts of the house. If you get the feeling that your garden could probably do with a dash of originality, then take a look at the following. Here are some great ways to do just that.

Go For The Industrial Look

Something that is becoming quite popular in recent years in both home and garden design is the use of traditional industrial-era motifs to bring out the beauty of age in natural products. It’s a little like steampunk, but more practical and a little more reined-in, so you might find it is ideal for a garden space. You could grab a couple of railway sleepers and lay them around a border, perhaps decorate them with old-fashioned sundials for an extra touch. Or you might think about investing in a gate and fence which harks back to the industrial-era love of metal. However you do it, this can be surprisingly impactful visually.

Encourage The Wildlife

One of the best qualities of a charming garden is that it tends to have a lot of animal activity going on. Some people actually shun such activity, but the truth is that encouraging it could be the better route to a more original and beautiful garden. The simple addition of a few bird baths along with some hanging seed for the squirrels could be enough to get nature moving - or you might even think about planting flowers that will be more likely to attract bees. The more genuine wildlife you have in your garden space, the more likely it is that you will feel that special magic you are going for.

Add Climbers For Plant Variety

Most people will go as far as to include a number of different plants in their garden - some in pots on the patio, perhaps, and a few dotted around in beds here and there. But a great simple way to add another element to it all is to include a few plants that grow differently - climbers, for example, can be a great addition as they add beauty to the vertical surfaces in your garden as well as the horizontal. You will be surprised at how much this can produce a sense of abundance in your garden - and abundance almost always means that you will have a more original and charming seeming garden. There are other ways of producing similar effects, of course. You might think about having some cacti or plants which flower only very rarely too. However you do it, this sense of rarity and flourish is what will make all the difference.

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