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How To Shop For Soft Furnishings Shopping for pieces to going in your home can often feel quite hard. Sometimes, you can feel as if you’re right on track and you’re picking out key pieces that are going to work. But when you get them home and start to style, you realise that you couldn’t have gotten it any more wrong! This is definitely the case when it comes to soft furnishings. A lot of the time, because they’re the smaller side of interior styling, you can inaccurately think they’re going to be easy to get right. However,they can often be harder. So if you want to make sure you find the right soft furnishings, here’s what you need to do. Make A Mood Board One of the main issues with styling out soft furnishings is a lack of vision when you’re buying. Because when you’re in a home shop, and you’re picking out the pieces that you want to style around the home, it’s easy to just go to town and purchase anything you love. But this lacks vision

Playing Doctors & Nurses Without Playing Doctors & Nurses

Image source Chances are, you have read this title and clicked the “continue reading…” button because a career in healthcare in your mind means a) doctor, b) nurse c) surgeon or d) midwife. But this is the teeniest scratch on the surface of an industry that is absolutely packed with exciting careers that stretch beyond your wildest dreams (and your standard vernacular). So, if you’ve always wanted to do something with your life that is above and beyond - something where you put others first - but has never discovered what, then you need to read on because we have pulled together a list of sensational healthcare careers that often fly under the radar. Whichever one piques your interest, we can guarantee one thing: your decision will be rewarded in more ways that one. Image source 1. The Cardiac Perfusionist There is no point trying to dress this up because this role doesn’t need it: cardiac perfusionists operate the machine that pumps a patient’s blood around their body

Adding a Touch of Glam to Your Home Office

Image Source More people than ever are working from home. Some people still work for larger companies but are lucky enough to be able to work flexibly from home some of the time. Others have started a home business or are working from home as freelancers . And some people are making money from their hobbies or running successful blogs. Whatever you do in your work from home, it’s essential that you’ve got an office space. While it can be tempted to work on the sofa in front of the TV, and sometimes, this can be great, it’s not a long-term solution. Having a dedicated office area makes it easier to concentrate and focus, easier to separate work and home and gives you a space to keep all of your files and documents organised. However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Keep It Neat The most important thing about your home office, however you may choose to style it, is that it’s neat. Remember, it’s your office. Where you keep important files and where you work.

I love you, but don't touch my hair

It's ok to be a little obsessed with your hair. Hair is one of the main strengths of our beauty and we all want things to stay this way for a long time. A beautiful and thick hair not only looks good, it's also a sign of a healthy body. Time and attention must be invested in the daily crown that you wear every day! There are simple, effective and important things that we can do to protect our hair and give it a healthy look, and that comes first by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The most effective advice for maintaining hair health is to have a life with plenty of physical exercises. Sweating during exercise helps the skin to remove impurities and bacteria, and also eliminates stress, one of the factors that contribute to hair loss. For the daily diet, fish is a very good source of protein and minerals, but also an excellent source of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids that help to regenerate hair. Adding iron-rich products such as whole grains, spinach, cocoa powder

Breaking Through The Barriers Of Learning English

English is the most common language in the world, spoken by all kinds of people from different backgrounds across the world. However for some people who didn’t learn it in their teenage years, wrapping your head around the language can be very difficult. Just like learning any other language, learning about the culture of origination is just as important because the sounds and sentence formation come from the people themselves. Truth be told, it's never too late to learn anything, especially a language. However, it has to become a part of your life and exist in your everyday life on a deeper level, not just openly but subconsciously as well. There are a few things you can do to bring English into your life and have it almost become a companion. Photo by informedmag Know the culture Many people will want to learn US English as the USA is the largest English speaking country in the world. However US English originates from UK English which most consider the most adept form.

Welcome autumn into your home

Even if you do not have much time at your disposal, decorating your house with autumn motifs can always be a joyous occasion, especially when you're waiting for your loved ones to visit. Autumn, along with its charm, changes in nature and the richness of plants that engulf the earth, brings new colors and envelops everything in a nostalgic air. This is a perfect opportunity for inspiration and creativity, as these wonderful changes can actually be implemented in your home, arranging the house to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. To be in tune with the changing seasons, use the chromatic palette of autumn, which means rich colors like gold, orange or red burgundy. For the living room and bedroom use scented candles in autumn colors. Decorate your bedroom in these colors, change the blankets, tablecloths and pillows, use luxury bedding if you desire a touch of premium instead of rustic, but do not forget to choose the shades that are characteristic of autumn, and you will

Unexpected Garden Changes That Could be Just What You’re Looking For

Are you unsure of what to do with your garden? Many people find themselves not sure of which route forward is the best one for them. If that applies to you too, it might be time to start thinking outside the box a little. Each of the ideas that you will find below is unexpected and not so common. But that doesn’t mean they can’t change your garden for the better. They might be exactly what you’re looking for, even if you didn’t know it. Choose a Theme Themes can be perfect for outdoor spaces that are currently lacking an identity. You could use murals, statues and many other things to help integrate an interesting theme. Of course, what kind of theme you choose will be entirely up to you, and you can choose just about anything, so be playful. Use Artificial Grass More and more people are turning to artificial grass, so maybe this won’t be such an unexpected idea in a few years’ time. But it looks great and takes a lot of work out of maintaining your garden, which has to be a