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October 30, 2017

How To Shop For Soft Furnishings

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Shopping for pieces to going in your home can often feel quite hard. Sometimes, you can feel as if you’re right on track and you’re picking out key pieces that are going to work. But when you get them home and start to style, you realise that you couldn’t have gotten it any more wrong! This is definitely the case when it comes to soft furnishings. A lot of the time, because they’re the smaller side of interior styling, you can inaccurately think they’re going to be easy to get right. However,they can often be harder. So if you want to make sure you find the right soft furnishings, here’s what you need to do.

Make A Mood Board

One of the main issues with styling out soft furnishings is a lack of vision when you’re buying. Because when you’re in a home shop, and you’re picking out the pieces that you want to style around the home, it’s easy to just go to town and purchase anything you love. But this lacks vision, and you’re not able to see how it all will work together. However, when you have a mood board, and you’re working to pick out piece that fit with it, you know that it’s going to look right in the space.

Measure Up

Before you start your interiors shopping spree, you also have to make sure that you start to measure up too. This can especially be the case when you’re looking at things like rugs and floor coverings. Because it’s so easy to think you know the size, and think that something is going to fit perfectly, then find out it’s completely the wrong size. But when you measure up first, you’re going to get it right.

Go Custom

It’s also for the above reason that you should think about going custom. When you want the perfect pick, looking into made to measure curtains and custom-fit floorings, you know that they’re going to work in the space you need them too. And you’ll get to pick out a design that really works with the look you were going for too.

Shop Around

When you do go to buy from stores, you’re going to want to think about shopping around before you make any set decisions. Because it’s often the process of picking up pieces willy-nilly, that ruins the overall look. But if you can window shop first and pick out set pieces, you’ll then know what you need to buy, and you’ll be 100% sure when you add it into your place.

Go Eclectic

Finally, you’re also going to want to think about mixing things up too. Don’t just pick the same flooring, curtains, or cushions for every room in the house. This can make your decor feel very stale very quickly. Choose different looks for each room from your kitchen to your home office. When you do this, you’ll definitely be sure to create a stunning finish that all fits within your style and taste.

October 23, 2017

Playing Doctors & Nurses Without Playing Doctors & Nurses

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Chances are, you have read this title and clicked the “continue reading…” button because a career in healthcare in your mind means a) doctor, b) nurse c) surgeon or d) midwife. But this is the teeniest scratch on the surface of an industry that is absolutely packed with exciting careers that stretch beyond your wildest dreams (and your standard vernacular).

So, if you’ve always wanted to do something with your life that is above and beyond - something where you put others first - but has never discovered what, then you need to read on because we have pulled together a list of sensational healthcare careers that often fly under the radar. Whichever one piques your interest, we can guarantee one thing: your decision will be rewarded in more ways that one.


1. The Cardiac Perfusionist
There is no point trying to dress this up because this role doesn’t need it: cardiac perfusionists operate the machine that pumps a patient’s blood around their body while the heart is stopped for surgery. That’s right, we’re talking about open heart surgery. Financially, this is a rewarding job, but it is also a role that is in high demand with more and more people living well beyond the age of 65. It isn’t just open-heart surgery either. Both heart disease and diabetes are seeking the expertise of cardiac perfusionists. The demand is there, the question is are you willing to supply.


2. The Biochemist
To give you the straightest definition possible, a biochemist is someone who studies the chemical and physical principles of living things and of biological processes such as cell development, growth, and heredity. As you can probably tell, the career options available within this bell curve are aplenty. You could work in effective drug development for a company like Hera BioLabs, in hospitals analysing samples from patients to help advise on treatments, for the government as an advisor on the latest science issues or in university labs researching anything from gene editing to cancer treatments. That is one of the great things about being a biochemist; you can find work in a variety of places, each one allowing you to help those who need it.


3. A Dance Therapist
Yup, you read that right. There is a place for those who love dance to take a completely new tact with their career and start having a positive impact on the health and well-being of patients. That said, most of the time you are required to have a Master’s degree without promising the pay most other Master’s degrees offer. However, if there is one thing better than getting paid well, it is doing something that you love at the same time as helping others recover. The other career that we should mention because of the similarities to dance therapy, is that of a music therapist. The role music therapist has in healthcare is quite extraordinary, yet relatively unknown. Cognitive skills, mobility, depression and - as was made famous by Colin Firth - helping those with speech impediments.

And there we have it, three exciting careers in healthcare that you never knew existed.
October 21, 2017

Adding a Touch of Glam to Your Home Office

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More people than ever are working from home. Some people still work for larger companies but are lucky enough to be able to work flexibly from home some of the time. Others have started a home business or are working from home as freelancers. And some people are making money from their hobbies or running successful blogs.

Whatever you do in your work from home, it’s essential that you’ve got an office space. While it can be tempted to work on the sofa in front of the TV, and sometimes, this can be great, it’s not a long-term solution. Having a dedicated office area makes it easier to concentrate and focus, easier to separate work and home and gives you a space to keep all of your files and documents organised.

However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

Keep It Neat

The most important thing about your home office, however you may choose to style it, is that it’s neat. Remember, it’s your office. Where you keep important files and where you work. Make sure everything is organised and that you’ve got plenty of storage space so that everything can have a home and is easy to find.

A neat and organised office can allow you to focus on your work without distraction, reduce your stress and improve your mood. When it comes to placement, think very carefully. Make sure anything you use a lot is within reach of your desk and keep anything else out of the way.

Add Artwork

There’s a vast range of artwork you could add. Invest in some originals, buy prints and frames, or frame your own art. You could even tear pages from magazines to create cool framed pieces. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Took much clutter on your walls can be distracting or even give you a headache. Keep things simple for maximum effect.

Funky Furniture

Yes, you need a desk, chair and some shelving. But there’s plenty of room to have fun with your furniture. You could add a living room TV cabinet. Think outside the box when it comes to furniture to make your office unique and cool.

Keep it Light

Your home office needs to have plenty of light. If possible make sure there’s a window that gets plenty of sun during the day. Keep your walls light colours and make sure to include a desk lamp and some other lighting options. This will help you to feel alert and focused and allow you to get a lot done when you are in the office.

Invest in a Chair

A good chair can add luxury and glamour. But, it can also help keep you sat straight. If you work long hours, being hunched over a desk, or slouched all day can quickly lead to a bad back. Investing in a good quality chair will make the room look great and offer you the support that you need.

With just a few touches your office can easily become the prettiest room the house.
October 20, 2017

I love you, but don't touch my hair

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It's ok to be a little obsessed with your hair. Hair is one of the main strengths of our beauty and we all want things to stay this way for a long time. A beautiful and thick hair not only looks good, it's also a sign of a healthy body. Time and attention must be invested in the daily crown that you wear every day!

There are simple, effective and important things that we can do to protect our hair and give it a healthy look, and that comes first by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The most effective advice for maintaining hair health is to have a life with plenty of physical exercises. Sweating during exercise helps the skin to remove impurities and bacteria, and also eliminates stress, one of the factors that contribute to hair loss.

For the daily diet, fish is a very good source of protein and minerals, but also an excellent source of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids that help to regenerate hair. Adding iron-rich products such as whole grains, spinach, cocoa powder is also a good idea because iron deficiency is one of the main causes of hair loss, especially in women. We should not forget Vitamin B, often prescribed by doctors to regenerate hair. Through a series of analyzes, the doctor will be able to see if there is a vitamin B deficiency and will be able to prescribe some appropriate supplements.

Even if you've already started to lose your hair, you do not have to lose your composure. It can be a genetic thing you cannot control just by diet and exercise. It is a generally valid rule that as we get older, hair is thinner in both men and women, even if they are performance athletes. Depending on genes, this effect may occur at different ages. Statistically, although of course, all men aspire to have a healthy hair until at least the age of 40-50, two-thirds of them experience a hair loss by the time they reach 30-35 years of age and 85% lose their hair considerably until they reach 50 years of age.

Although you can't change your genetic structure, there are modern techniques of hair restoration such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) that have helped many regain their hair. The FUE hair transplant cost depends on the number of grafts and the complexity of the area to be transplanted, and whatever the case, you can be sure your results will be natural. Public figures such as Wayne Rooney and Steven Fletcher, but also people from all walks of life, have chosen this technique specifically for that

It is also helpful to distinguish between normal hair loss and problematic hair loss. It's normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs every day. Analyzing the fallen hair helps to clarify whether or not there is a problem. If at the base of the hair you notice that there is a small white bulb, it means that it has fallen naturally and that a new one will grow behind it. If the bulb does not exist or shows variations in color and size, that should raise concern about the health of the hair.

During summer hair falls less since it forms a natural protection from the sun, and enters a normal pace only at the end of August - early September. Thus, don't be alarmed if during autumn your hair is more likely to fall than during summer. We also should not be worried about the hair that is falling when brushing it or showering if the density of the overall hair does not change over time.

Our hair is sometimes more than 50% of our image, and the fact is that some people notice the hair first before the eyes. Taking all these things in consideration, it pays off to take good care of ourselves and avoid as much as possible those days when hair is mostly dry shampoo, hairspray, and hope.

We are all born bald as babies, but we should all strive to reach 80+ years with the blessing of a healthy beautiful gray hair.
October 18, 2017

Breaking Through The Barriers Of Learning English

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English is the most common language in the world, spoken by all kinds of people from different backgrounds across the world. However for some people who didn’t learn it in their teenage years, wrapping your head around the language can be very difficult. Just like learning any other language, learning about the culture of origination is just as important because the sounds and sentence formation come from the people themselves. Truth be told, it's never too late to learn anything, especially a language. However, it has to become a part of your life and exist in your everyday life on a deeper level, not just openly but subconsciously as well. There are a few things you can do to bring English into your life and have it almost become a companion.

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Know the culture

Many people will want to learn US English as the USA is the largest English speaking country in the world. However US English originates from UK English which most consider the most adept form. Regardless of which you’re choosing to learn, studying the culture and how the sounds and expressions are used to convey emotion, humor, stress, urgency and other forms are incredibly important. You can start off by watching television shows with the subtitles on. Sitcoms are the best as character development is often the main goal of writers, therefore, you’ll connect with the people on screen and pick up on their subtle use of tone and pitch. You’ll start to realise what certain words mean and how they can be used by immersing yourself in the culture.

Learn professionally

There comes a time when you will think you have gone as far as you can on your own and now it's time for some help. First and foremost you must realise that there are different standards and approaches to learning English. There are companies that specialize in teaching English to business people from around the world and English is also the language of work and the trading world. There are also learning programs for immigrants that have been formed by governments. However, you must go the independent route such as Effortless English to learn the language in a wider scope. You will, of course, be able to study in your own time. By signing up, you’re entering into a community of people that are learners of varying degrees just like you. You can see how it goes by getting a membership and going through lesson programs that excite and intrigue you.

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Listen to relatives and people

You can learn English in the real world, than just listening to people talk. If you have relatives that speak the language or just friends that are talking with other English speakers, kindly sit and listen in on their conversations. It's helpful to get their permission first. You’ll realise how the different sounds go well with facial expressions and the different ways of forming sentences.

Learning a language is one of the most daunting yet exciting experiences you can have. You’re entering into a similar world but from a different angle. Let it become an everyday part of your life until it's just background noise which is always there. Soon you’ll start to subconsciously fit it into your life through speech patterns and familiarity.

October 12, 2017

Welcome autumn into your home

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Even if you do not have much time at your disposal, decorating your house with autumn motifs can always be a joyous occasion, especially when you're waiting for your loved ones to visit. Autumn, along with its charm, changes in nature and the richness of plants that engulf the earth, brings new colors and envelops everything in a nostalgic air. This is a perfect opportunity for inspiration and creativity, as these wonderful changes can actually be implemented in your home, arranging the house to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

To be in tune with the changing seasons, use the chromatic palette of autumn, which means rich colors like gold, orange or red burgundy. For the living room and bedroom use scented candles in autumn colors. Decorate your bedroom in these colors, change the blankets, tablecloths and pillows, use luxury bedding if you desire a touch of premium instead of rustic, but do not forget to choose the shades that are characteristic of autumn, and you will discover how to live your life in the rhythm of joy that this season inspires.

If you gave up carpets during summer to create a cooler and brighter atmosphere, it's time to decorate your home again, so use rugs and carpets to cover the floor. You can also change the look of your bathroom using special carpets. If you have a simple, white bathroom, opt for colored models, possibly with a floral or geometric pattern.

Some of the decorations can be done by yourself. You will need time and patience because it's not easy to succeed on the first try, but the results will definitely be worth it. Life can be inspired even in the most mundane objects of decoration. Draw branches on the white lampshade of the lamp or cover an entire wall with frames with autumn images. If time allows, you can opt to take painting lessons. It will help you discover a new universe, which you can then host in your bedroom, painting a tree or other natural elements on the wall, behind the bed, raising good mood.

Decorate the rooms with bowls filled with leaf and dried fruit arrangements and fir cones. Autumn flowers are an inexpensive idea for autumn decorations, and they will lighten up the atmosphere immediately. Apples are extraordinarily good for your health, but they can also be used to decorate your home. Several apples, three or four fir cones, and a few leaves make an arrangement that will be appreciated by all. You can also use bowls full of grapes, apples, pears, quinces or other fruits specific to this season. If you own a house with a yard, fallen leaves from trees can cause some problems, but look on the bright side: collect them and turn them into a wonderful decoration. Elements such as red-orange-brown leaves or crowns immediately integrate into a dreamlike landscape.

The inspiration taken from this season can be ignited by your own imagination, and by trying your own creativity and choosing wisely you will turn your house into an autumn paradise. Welcoming autumn into your home should inspire abundance not only in your soul and everyday actions but also in all those around you.
October 02, 2017

Unexpected Garden Changes That Could be Just What You’re Looking For

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Are you unsure of what to do with your garden? Many people find themselves not sure of which route forward is the best one for them. If that applies to you too, it might be time to start thinking outside the box a little. Each of the ideas that you will find below is unexpected and not so common. But that doesn’t mean they can’t change your garden for the better. They might be exactly what you’re looking for, even if you didn’t know it.

Choose a Theme

Themes can be perfect for outdoor spaces that are currently lacking an identity. You could use murals, statues and many other things to help integrate an interesting theme. Of course, what kind of theme you choose will be entirely up to you, and you can choose just about anything, so be playful.

Use Artificial Grass

More and more people are turning to artificial grass, so maybe this won’t be such an unexpected idea in a few years’ time. But it looks great and takes a lot of work out of maintaining your garden, which has to be a good thing for you. There are many examples of artificial grass out there, and you should explore them if you still need convincing. It’s a change that carries a lot of benefits.

Hang Lights in Unusual Ways

Lights are great for outdoor spaces if you like to socialise with friends in the evening throughout the year. You can make use of your outdoor space even when the sun goes down. Lights can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes for the garden. You can hang lanterns from tree branches. Or you could cover your garden in fairy lights. It’s up to you, but don’t feel like you need to do things the conventional way.


Put a Bridge Across Your Water Feature

Water features are fantastic at adding something tranquil and natural to your garden. Water should definitely be incorporated in some form. If you have a lot of space and want to put a large pond in place, make it even better by adding a path or bridge that goes across it. It’s a big outdoor project to undertake, but the results will be very impressive indeed. It could completely change how you look at your garden.

Use Tyres as Plant Containers

Even though it might sound a little strange at first, using stacked tyres as plant containers is actually a really good idea. They offer a secure container that can be filled with soil, and then plants can be safely and securely planted in them. They don’t have to even look like old tyres either. You can paint them bright colours and add interesting patterns in order to make them stand out and add something to the garden’s design.

You don’t have to take the predictable route if you want to improve your garden and change up how it looks. These ideas could be exactly what your garden needs, even if they seem unusual at first.

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