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The world is full of guys, be a man... a gentleman

Being a gentleman is certainly an art that many modern men today should hold. Knowing the code of behavior for a gentleman may seem rather difficult, but it is still the sign of a chosen education and proof of great character. The modern man's good manners have adapted in the long run to the agitated lifestyle we are in. As much as things change in the world, a man will still have to know how to behave, regardless of the occasion he finds himself in.

By definition, being a "gentleman" means being a man with chosen, irreproachable and distinguished behaviors, a person who strictly adheres to the etiquette, a man with courteous behavior, a chivalrous, honorable man. Surely, knowing this code of behavior will impress a woman and determine her admiration. Most times, a man's charm sits in his respectful behavior combined with humor, self-confidence, impeccable clothes and appropriate attitude for every occasion, and extensive knowledge in various fields.

Dressing up as a gentleman involves elegance, sophistication, but also a slightly sober style with regard to the chosen nuances. Of course, do not think that you do not have to wear any colored clothes, but generally neutral nuances are preferable, because, like its behavior, the gentleman's attire is characterized by self-discipline and the details that make the difference.

Those who pay special attention to their image and the outfit they wear know where to buy their clothes and have a special list of places that truly satisfy their needs. Skopes is surely one of them. Whether you choose men's Skopes suits, coats, jackets, trousers, shirts, neckwear, waistcoats or accessories, you can be sure you will look impeccable, like a true gentleman.

Remember that your clothing represents you and that it should be in line with the time of the day and the event you are attending. A gentleman is attentive to his appearance not only in society but also at home when he is alone. The way you get used to sitting, talking or behaving when you think no one sees you is what turns out to be usual on other occasions also. Whatever you have on make sure that it’s always well pressed, laundered, tied and polished.

Men who adopt an elegant style always manage to win the admiration of those around them. Stylish style comes together with a character of a kind, like that of a gentleman, who will be appreciated and rewarded by everyone with whom he interacts

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