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Styling Your Garden Without The Need For Green Fingers

It doesn’t matter how much space or room you have outdoors. You can still make it look good. And no, it doesn’t take a lot of effort, and no you don’t need to spend every weekend maintaining it! Even if you hate gardening and really don’t have green fingers, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space as part of your home. So what are you waiting for? Try some of these styling tips to make the most of the garden you should love:

Adding good quality furniture to your garden means you can enjoy another room at home. This room, of course, has all the benefits of good natural light, fresh air, and a beautiful view of your flower beds! Your options for stylish seating and casual dining sets in the garden include brands like Bridgman. Pick a set that fits in the setting. Most can stay out even in showers. The soft cushions can be stored in a container or indoors.

To enhance your outdoor dining area, consider building up a decking platform, complete with glass balustrade. A simple decorative patio stone might look elegant too. If you are building a formal gazebo, consider the position of the sun later in the day. As it cools, you might prefer to have those last rays where you like to sit most. And if you love lounging in the sun, consider building up a little sun trap that keeps the breeze at bay.

Color in the garden makes an ordinary yard into a beautiful, elegant, and serene space you’ll love. If you really hate having to weed the flower beds, consider planting in pots instead. These can be positioned where you like to enjoy the view from any vantage point. They’re less likely to succumb to pests, and they can simply be tipped out and refreshed when you’re ready for a change.

Cherry blossom is perhaps one of the most beautiful things you can have in your garden. These trees are pretty much maintenance free, and the blossoms are small enough that they won’t make too much mess. Pick plants that look after themselves. Shrubs and bushes can fall into this category. As for the lawn you hate to mow? You can always choose an artificial variety. Simply lay it down like a rug.

Fencing and walls in the garden keep your entire home secure. You might have a gate with a lock at the far end of your garden. These should be checked annually and also after any storms. Wood in the garden should also be treated every year. You might find it necessary to sweep, brush or even sand it first. It’s worth that little bit of effort though as will keep the wood strong. A good stain will keep it looking fresh and stylish too.

You can enjoy an (almost) maintenance free garden that requires little to set it up. Of course, you might prefer to hire a landscaper to get this space looking exactly how you want it! What do you enjoy about your back yard?

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