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Career Advice For Those Who Want To Dazzle

Your career is something that you either love or you hate. Some of us have no idea what we want to do during our school years and end up taking on a job and just sticking within that industry or career journey. Others no exactly what they want to do and train to get it. Then there are people who create their own careers like digital fanciers or entrepreneurs starting their own business. But one thing many of us have in common is we have some form of career, whether we like it or not. However, the majority of us, no matter whether we love or hate our jobs, still want to dazzle within our careers and be some form of success. It might be employer of the month or climbing the career ladder. I thought I would share with you some of the things you can be doing to help you dazzle in your career.


Take advantage of websites like LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media site, but not like your Facebook or Instagram, this can be solely used for business use. It is designed for you to showcase your work and network online to people within the same industry or in different careers. This is also how headhunters from or similar can find you and match you to lucrative job roles within your sector or in other areas. It is well worth having a profile and connecting with like-minded individuals on a career and work basis.

Always look well presented

It isn’t what we all want to hear, but first impressions matter and how you present yourself can be a big factor on whether you progress in your career or not. It isn’t about fancy suits or designer attire, but more to do with looking well-presented such as clean and tidy with ironed clothing. The basics really.

Show initiative

It is time to start showing initiative when it comes to being in the workplace. That means taking extra work on, or volunteering your support and time to different projects. Make a note of what you do as this can be experience that can be added to your CV or discussed in interviews. You also shouldn't be afraid to speak up and express your opinion in meetings or with co-workers or line managers. Of course, keeping things professional.


Train in different areas to boost your chances of promotion

You should consider if there are any areas you can retrain in or learn some new skills to help your career develop. Things are changing all the time and the more strings you can add to your bow, the better things can be for your career future.

Be a positive impact in the workplace

Finally, it is always worth remembering the power of positivity. Having a positive influence in the workplace can be a real good thing to be. People can look up to you and rather than dampening the mood you can be relied upon to keep things on track. If you are looking for tips on positivity then this site can help.

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