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Have A Happy Bathroom Makeover

If you get a sense of dread every time you need to go to the bathroom, it’s a big sign you need to focus on giving it a makeover. Nobody wants to spend time in a dull, dark bathroom with mould and other issues at every turn. Giving your bathroom a makeover with more color and interest could be just what you need to love spending time in there again!

Pastels For The Minimalist Bathroom
If you have a minimalist bathroom and want to perk it up without changing too much, it’s pretty easy to do. You don't have to add a myriad of colors to make your bathroom look more inviting. If you would prefer to keep a minimalist bathroom, you can simply add a few pastel shades to lift the place in mood and help to soften the design overall.


Adding Color The Right Way
There are many ways you can add color in a way that works. Different shades of one color can be used to create a fun look, or you could try a unique combination such as peach and black. Geometric patterns with bold colors work well; black and white zig-zag patterns with a color like bright yellow would look fabulous! Just one bold wall is enough to make an impact, though, so don’t feel like you have to spend hours painting and tiling the walls. Make use of a color wheel to help you find the perfect combination if you need inspiration - they never fail.

Create A Focal Point
Having a focal point in your bathroom will add personality and bring it to life further. You don’t have to paint the walls to give you bathroom a cheery makeover. Why not paint a stand alone bath? Including a stand alone bath in your bathroom gives you an automatic focal point - however, you do need to make sure you have the correct plumbing and water requirements, so don’t attempt to install yourself, say the pros at If you decide to do this, you can match it to a feature wall with some bold wallpaper for an even stronger look.

Include Some Metallic Hues
Metallic hues can add glamor and texture to your bathroom. Having texture in your bathroom is crucial; this stops it from looking flat and boring. You could include gold, copper, and even iridescent tiles to get some more interest in there. You can do this in the form of soft furnishings too, so they are super simple to include (you don’t need to tile a wall to improve the look of your bathroom!).

Colorful bathrooms are seriously ‘in’ right now and can help you to create a happier room that adds life and vibrancy to your home. Remember, there are no rules; experiment and have fun. Bright colors can really stand out against a white base, but you can get as quirky as you like with it. Oh, and big green plants in the bathroom never go amiss - they have health benefits to make you even happier!

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