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A Holistic Approach to Healthy Living

For some, healthy living means choosing diet sodas over regular sugar-laden ones. Some people that choose to have a healthier lifestyle prepare meals without gluten or dairy. Some people even go Vegan. But what exactly does it mean to choose a holistic way of healthy living?

According to WebMD it’s approach to holistic healthy living is holistic medicine, which looks at healing that considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit and emotions in the quest for optimum health and wellness.

Holistic Medicine’s philosophy is that one can achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in one’s life.

To gain proper balance within one’s life you need to look at the following factors:

     Alcohol Consumption
     Fresh Air


As the old saying goes, you truly are what you eat. Let’s start off with sugar. Want to have an off-the-wall crazy party within a kindergarten classroom where children literally bounce off the walls - give them cake and chocolates. As soon as the sugar hits their systems, they will become louder and will have excess energy that they will need to burn. Now, if this happens with children what can you imagine happens with adults?

We have a lot of stress. Work stress, family stress and general life stress that doesn’t exactly put us at ease. When we consume too much sugar - even in the form of our favorite morning cappuccino and chocolate croissant, we will naturally become more irritated, stressed and aggravated. Never a good cocktail for starting out the day.

When you eat alkaline-promoting food such as most fruits and vegetables, soybeans and tofu,some nuts, seeds, and legumes as well as Low GI foods such as sweet potatoes, your blood sugar will not spike, you will be able to think clearer, your body will become more regular, and your stress levels will be more manageable. 

As you cannot consume all the healthy minerals your body needs daily it is really important to accompany your diet with supplements that carry all the important nutrients your body needs. We found a fantastic supplement company which has an array of products to meet all your nutrient needs called Research Verified. For a Research Verified review click here.

They have a vast number of products such as Omega-3, Anxi Relief, which deals with anxiety problems and Insomnia Relief which help you get a good night’s rest.


We were made to move. The more exercise we get the more productive our lives get because the more energy we will have. It is also important to keep up your muscle strength and tone your body, especially as you get older which, in effect, promote stronger bones. There are so many forms of exercise from swimming to cycling, running and dancing, choose one that suits you best.


Sleep is an exceptionally important part of life. At the end of our busy day we get to recharge our batteries on our favourite pillows in order to wake up re-energized and refreshed for the following day. Without a good night’s sleep we become moody, irritable and in general, not very pleasant to deal with. Click here to look at a product review that specifically aids you with insomnia.

Alcohol Consumption

According to The Guardian, even moderate drinking can damage the brain as well as impair cognitive function over time, according to researchers. Heavy drinking can be linked to memory problems - which is never fun for anyone, as well as dementia.

Going to the pub or bar is a very cultural thing as many people go out or meet for “a drink” but just remember - that drink can be a “virgin” cocktail or your favorite soda or juice. It doesn’t need to be alcohol. Keep the champagne for special occasions and you will definitely feel the difference and your general mood will feel it too!

Fresh Air

Unfortunately, many of us live in highly industrialised areas that clog our air with invisible smog. Besides that, we often sit in offices where our air is controlled by air conditioners and we hardly get any fresh air into our lungs. According to Good Relaxation, the benefits of fresh air are:

     Blood pressure and heart rate improvement
     Makes you happier in general.
     Increase in energy and sharper mind
     Cleaner lungs
     A strengthened immune system
     Better digestion

 Also remember, exposure to sunlight each day gives you a lovely boost of Vitamin D and cheers you up in general.

Mindfulness & Meditation

It is important to be in the present and focus on the now. In his bestselling book “The Power of Now”, Eckhart Tolle explains that every moment you spend worrying about the future or having regret over past actions are moments lost , as all you really have is the present, the now. In this book Eckhart Tolle gives you actionable strategies to start living each minute as it happens.

It is important to be grateful for all that you have and mind how you treat others, as all you do comes back to you. Meditation is exceptionally important as it puts your body in a state of complete relaxation and allows you to attract the life you want through visualisation techniques. An amazing company that deals with meditation is Mindvalley founded by pioneering entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani in 2003.

Exercise like Yoga and Pilates, especially Yoga, falls into this section and really calls for you to center and align your thoughts for a more peaceful day and life overall.

So there you go, our holistic approach to healthy living. Prepare for a more energetic and balanced life and don’t forget to click here to see our review of amazing Research Verified supplements that will help you throughout the day to be more productive and happier in general!

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