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How Your Weight Loss Struggle Could be Solved Overnight

Image credit: Pexels Imagine that you could meet and befriend two versions of yourself. One is slender and fit, works through the day with enough energy and finishes it off, feeling sleepy and content. The other one has her heart in the right place and attempts to eat healthily and get enough exercise; yet, at the end of the day, she feels groggy, looks tired, and the weight tends to return even she manages to lose a bit. The two versions of you, different as they may be, have one thing in common: they focus on living relatively healthy. When both of them are trying to do everything right, why is it that only one of them succeed in looking and feeling great throughout the day? Here is the not-so-known secrets behind weight loss and a couple of likely reasons to your struggles. The tired truth Losing weight is as simple as balancing an equation. You should use more energy than you consume to weigh a bit less - and consume more energy than you use to weigh a bit more. Unfort

Making Sure You End Up Where You're 'Supposed To Be'

There are so many people out there right now who don’t believe that they are where ‘they’re supposed to be’ in terms of their career. What does this even mean? Surely we’re all where we’re supposed to be, because if we were supposed to be somewhere else then we’d be there already! A little confusing, isn’t it? Perhaps what people really mean is that they aren’t truly happy with their job, and they believe that they should be. We all deserve happiness, in every area of our lives. So, how can you start making sure that you end up where you feel you should be? Use these tips… picture Think About Who You Want To Be Who do you want to be? When you think about your very best self in your head, who is it? What do they do? What do they speak and dress like? When you start thinking about this person, you’ll get a better idea of where you think you want to end up. Most people will say they don’t know, but when they do some real soul searching, they easily figure it out. Think A

Have A Happy Bathroom Makeover

If you get a sense of dread every time you need to go to the bathroom, it’s a big sign you need to focus on giving it a makeover. Nobody wants to spend time in a dull, dark bathroom with mould and other issues at every turn. Giving your bathroom a makeover with more color and interest could be just what you need to love spending time in there again! Pastels For The Minimalist Bathroom If you have a minimalist bathroom and want to perk it up without changing too much, it’s pretty easy to do. You don't have to add a myriad of colors to make your bathroom look more inviting. If you would prefer to keep a minimalist bathroom, you can simply add a few pastel shades to lift the place in mood and help to soften the design overall. author Adding Color The Right Way There are many ways you can add color in a way that works. Different shades of one color can be used to create a fun look, or you could try a unique combination such as peach and black. Geometric patterns with bol

Important rules to consider when getting a loan

What should you know so you can make the most appropriate choices for choosing a loan? Ideally, borrowed money should be invested as much as possible in studies, for the arrangement or modernization of the house, in the education of your children, or anything that can give you added value in the future. A loan should be something positive that will be helpful in your life and make it easier. As a supportive rule, you should not accept an excessive degree of indebtedness, because it will only put pressure on your financial resources and increase the risk of being unable to pay. The golden rule is never to owe more than half what you can pay easily. To get a loan and good terms, you will want a good credit score . Your credit score is one of the most important eligibility criteria when looking for a loan, as well as the amount of interest charged on the loan. Lenders examine this to determine how likely it is that you able to repay the loan. Even if you currently have

Simple and effective things you can do to get started with losing weight

  Whether you start a long diet or you just want to get rid of a few pounds that bother you, putting all this in practice is always the hardest. However, if you follow some simple tips and change your lifestyle, you will lose excess fat a lot easier. The first step to be taken in fighting extra pounds is to get a solid state of mind. You should ask yourself: why do you want to lose weight? Is it just so that you can wear a new dress? Or to be liked more by others? Or maybe just to have more self-esteem? Of course, the answer to all these questions is yes. But more importantly, besides all this, do not neglect the benefits that a normal weight, along with a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, has on health: easier breathing and less tiredness, preventing the appearance of illnesses that are closely related to weighting imbalances. The benefits that weight loss brings to the body and self-image are of course very important. Another element of solid motivation, however, s

A Holistic Approach to Healthy Living

For some, healthy living means choosing diet sodas over regular sugar-laden ones. Some people that choose to have a healthier lifestyle prepare meals without gluten or dairy. Some people even go Vegan. But what exactly does it mean to choose a holistic way of healthy living? According to WebMD it’s approach to holistic healthy living is holistic medicine, which looks at healing that considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit and emotions in the quest for optimum health and wellness. Holistic Medicine’s philosophy is that one can achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in one’s life. To gain proper balance within one’s life you need to look at the following factors: ●      Diet ●      Exercise ●      Sleep ●      Alcohol Consumption ●      Fresh Air ●      Mindfulness ●      Meditation DIET As the old saying goes, you truly are what you eat. Let’s start off with sugar. Want to have an off-the-wall crazy party within a kindergarten clas

Hidden Ways Your Mobile Phone Is Costing You More Money Than It Should

One of the things that most people spend more money on than is necessary is their mobile phone. Are you leaking funds without even realising it? There are many elements that come together to form our mobile contract, so we often simply accept the price we have been quoted and forget about it. But you could be paying way more than you need to! Let’s take a look at some of the hidden ways people pay more for their mobile phone than is required: Image Source Your old phone is sitting in your drawer – If you have upgraded to a new phone, great! But why is your old phone sitting in your drawer? So long as it is not completely broken or bust, you should be able to make a bit of money from it. In fact, there are even companies that take on destroyed phones and still pay you a bit of cash. You tied into a two-year contract – Two-year contracts are a thing of the past. They drain your bank account and tie you into something for the long haul. There are many companies that no longer