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Stuck in a Style Rut? These Changes Will Help You to Look and Feel Fabulous

In a bit of a style rut? Maybe you’ve been wearing your hair the same way for years, or constantly reach for the same items of clothing again and again. Maybe you’ve been busy raising kids, and now they’re a bit older (and it’s time to focus on yourself again) you simply don’t know what your style is. Perhaps you’ve been through a breakup, and want to reinvent yourself? Luckily, as women we have tons of tools and techniques available to us to completely transform if we want to. Here are a few ideas!

If you want to completely change up your look, even just changing your hair will achieve this. If you’ve always worn it very long, you could go short- or if you’ve always worn it short you could have some extensions fitted. Go with a different color, it could be a total change or just having a few highlights/ lowlights added. You could have layers cut in to frame your face or a fringe added. If you want to make a drastic change but without the commitment, why not consider a lace front wig? These look incredibly natural, give you a natural looking hairline and allow you to try a different color or length without changing your own hair. They can be fitted very securely, so there’s no worry of it slipping or giving the game away!. Whether you plan on wearing it daily or just on nights out, it’s a fun option to consider. Have a look on Pinterest for different ideas for hair, or speak to your hairdresser who will be able to advise you what color or cut is best depending on your face shape, age, and natural colorings.

Makeup really is a fantastic tool and is something worth getting on board with if you want to switch up your look. You could go with either a super natural look with a touch of foundation and mascara (even this will make you look more youthful and attractive if you don’t usually wear makeup). Or you could go all out, if you’re out for the evening, you can’t beat a smokey eye with false lashes and perfectly applied lipstick. You could use contour and highlighting techniques to make your face appear slimmer and more structured. You can even use different colored eyeshadows to bring out the color of your eyes. For a totally different look, try colored contacts. They’re a fun way to switch up your look for an evening, and you’d be surprised just what a difference they can make to how your face looks. Don’t forget to focus on your skincare, not only will you prevent premature aging but good skin gives you the best blank canvas for makeup. If you’ve been dealing with skin conditions such as acne and rosacea, speak to your GP or a dermatologist. Not only will you look better, but you will feel far better about yourself too.

Clothes and Accessories
Many of us get stuck in a style rut. We find what’s comfortable and stick with it. Perhaps it’s sweats, maybe it’s leggings and long tops or a certain style of dress that you feel comfortable in. Chances are you’ve bought the same kind of item lots of different times and just cycle through them on a weekly basis. While dressing for comfort is good, usually the comfiest clothes aren’t the most flattering. Treat yourself to some new pieces, even if it’s just eveningwear. Find a few key outfits that make you feel incredible, and let you know when you’re not feeling great that you can put them on and look stunning. If you’re always in flats, how about purchasing a couple of pairs of heels. You might need to learn to walk in them properly if it’s been a while, but it can dramatically change your height, how your legs look and also make you feel more glam too. You could invest in a few pieces of statement jewelry or brightly colored bags. That way even if you wear quite plain clothes day to day, your outfits can still look trendy and showcase your style without you having to push right out of your comfort zone. If you usually wear glasses, you could try contacts, and if you don’t wear glasses you could try out a pair of fashion frames. These are very on trend at the moment and can completely change up the way your face looks.

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