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Simple Ways To Strengthen Your CV


Been handing your CV into lots of places but not getting any replies? Here are a few ways that you may be able to make your résumé stand out and get employers responding.

Cut out the waffle

You may hope that by cramming as much information into your CV you increase your chances of striking a chord with an employer. However, most employers likely don’t have the time or patience to read a massive wall of text or scan through ten pages of previous job experience, especially if they’re getting lots of application on a daily basis. Get the most important details of your CV out there first. Keep your opening summary to three sentences max telling them who you are and why you’re perfect for the job. Cut out any work experience that isn’t relevant, list your best grades and accomplishments and allow references to be available on request.

Learn a new skill

If you don’t feel like you’re qualified enough for the jobs you’re applying to, it could be worth learning a new skill to put on your CV. You needn’t take up a college course – there are plenty of week-long courses on specific skills such as Photoshop or Microsoft Word as listed at sites such as Training Connection. Identify your weakness and solve it by getting the know-how.

Show off your life experience

Work experience and qualifications aren’t everything. You can often emphasise your soft skills such as being a good leader, being creative or being self-motivated by giving examples of life experience. Saving up and travelling around the world shows that you’re independent, goal-oriented and adventurous. Being successful at a sport can show teamwork skills, competitiveness and commitment. Rather than simply listing the hobbies and interests you’ve had, use them to show off your best qualities.  

Make use of hyperlinks

With most people sending CVs via email and through job listing sites, hyperlinks are a trick worth making use of. They can be used to link to a blog you own, to photographs that you’ve taken, to a Youtube channel or video of relevance, to proof of a client you’ve worked with or to a testimonial left by someone. You can even create a digital portfolio using a service such as PortfolioBox and provide a private link. Hyperlinks make your CV more interactive and can allow you to contain be more succinct with information (instead of describing a company you’ve worked with, you can link an employer to them).

Have different CVs tailored to different jobs

Unless you’re applying to a specific type of job, having a one-size-fits-all CV can be limiting. Create different CVs that are more catered to specific types of job. If you’ve been applying to retail positions but have also seen a few event staff vacancies you’d like to apply to, create separate CVs focused to each one. If job listing sites only allow you upload one CV, email companies directly or keep uploading new CVs with each new job you apply to.

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