Online Activities for Boredom


With the typical British summertime coming up, we can expect some torrential rain and many a dampened barbeque. Most of the time you might find yourself sat inside with nothing to do. However, the internet is full of things for you to explore! Below are some amazing websites and activities that you can do online to pass the time this summer. Some could even win you some money!
Stumbleupon is a great social bookmarking tool which can be used in order to explore new pages on the internet, and even find some older pages which have been highly liked by other users on the site. Simply create an account with Stumbleupon and click the “stumble” button! From here, you will be taken to a random page on the internet. Depending on what you’ve chosen as your interests, this could be anything from poetry entries to online gaming sites – the possibilities are endless.
Online Gaming
Online gaming is an amazing way to spend your time online. It offers an amazing opportunity to explore new worlds and even enhance your coordination skills. Online gaming can encompass a range of games – which is why it’s important to find the right one for you. Sites such as Kongregate allow you to explore games with a range of different plots and characters to choose from.
If you’re into bingo and online gaming which could potentially earn you some money, bingo sites could be the destination for you. These sites are also great if you would like to escape from the real world for a few hours. The amount of bingo sites online at the moment is insane. You can metaohoriclly thow a stone and hit ten of the same bingo website. That is where sites like Bingo Kings come in. Bingo Kings explore bingo sites and their latest offers so you don’t have to. You can compare the latest and hottest sites right in your living room thanks to Bingo Kings.*
Read books online for free
With sites such as readanybook, you can find the latest novels and read them online for absolutely free. You can also full screen the book you wish to read, giving you the chance to read your novel in peace without any notifications popping up from Twitter or Facebook. With sites such as Choice of Games, you can choose your own destiny, and read through novels based on your decisions. However, once you have reached up to a certain chapter, you will have to pay to reveal your characters fate and ending.
How do you like to pass the time online? Share your favourite sites below!
*Disclaimer – gambling should be done responsibly and for entertainment purposes.

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