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Health Talk: Common Infections You Could Have Without Even Knowing

Most people would agree their goal is to live a long and healthy life. Nobody wants to spend too much time in the hospital, and nobody wants to spend their days in pain. That is why most of us work out and take positive steps towards caring for our bodies. Still, there are lots of infections you could have without even knowing. Indeed, estimates suggest there are millions of people out there with the conditions mentioned in this article. Researchers predict that a significant percentage of them are unaware of their health issue. That is because symptoms don’t always show straight away. So, it’s vital that we all educate ourselves about the nature of these illnesses.

The Herpes Virus

Herpes in its many forms is one of the most common virus infections on the planet. Around 50% to 80% of human beings have it in their systems. Most will never notice the issue because it doesn’t always produce symptoms. Indeed, many people who receive diagnosis live with the condition for years before raising it with their doctors. Oral herpes is not the worst thing in the world. It’s contagious and often painful, but it’s not a risk to your life. The genital version of the illness is another matter. So, you need to get checked out if you have any concerns. If you’re looking for a cure for herpes, you should know there are lots of specialist products these days. However, you shouldn’t get too excited because most people never manage to remove the virus.

Yeast Infections (Thrush)

You wouldn’t think it would be possible to have thrush without knowing, right? I mean, when you’ve had it in the past there was a LOT of itching and discomfort. Indeed, you probably had to use special creams and medications to make it go away. Well, most people don’t realize this, but you can have a yeast infection without all those symptoms. That means you could have the virus living in your body without ever knowing. It’s crucial that you visit your doctor if you’re worried. That is because some research suggests yeast infections can have links with cancers and other serious illnesses.

Many Sexually Transmitted Infections

There are lots of different STIs that may not produce symptoms. So many in fact that it would be hard to list them all on this page. So, here are some of the most common:

  • HPV
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea

Anyone who thinks they might have contracted an STI or STD should visit their local sexual health clinic as soon as possible. That is especially the case if you’re pregnant. Left untreated, those infections could harm your baby, leave you infertile, or worse. So, you should never take any risks.

As you can see from the information on this page, there are many infections you could have without knowing. It’s a scary thought, right? Thankfully, most people should notice symptoms when they become ill with a virus or infection. So, the chances are you will know that something is wrong before the condition becomes too severe. Still, it’s wise that everyone makes themselves aware of the infections mentioned on this page.

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