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Gathering The Basics For Your First Kitchen

Whether you’re moving into a rented property, or you’ve just bought your first home (congratulations); you’ll need to ensure that your kitchen is fully equipped. The sooner you sort out everything that you kitchen needs; the sooner you can have friends and family over for a housewarming and celebratory food and drinks. The following are the key items that you will need to gather when you’re shopping for your first kitchen. So make yourself a cuppa (see, there are two things right there you’ll need), and get your notepad and pen ready.



You’re going to need something to hold that cup of tea that was mentioned previously; not to mention something to eat your dinner off, oh, and sip your celebratory house-warming bubbles from. Therefore you’ll need to get together the basics that will see you through the first weeks in your new kitchen so that you can gradually add to your serving collection as and when you see something you love or a great deal.

Four to six of everything is a great number to start with, and you’ll still have a plate or a bowl to use when you’re only halfway through filling up the dishwasher. Check out various websites for sales and ideas on your items, and you could grab yourself a bargain (moving house is expensive enough, so you’ll want to save money wherever you can). Think about your ceramic items and pick something sturdy; this will save you from chipped china and smashed dinnerware (hopefully). You’ll need plates, bowls, and mugs to start; then, you can go from there.

Glassware is next; try to consider six or so vessels that will be suitable for an array of drinks, like tumblers, and also get yourself some glasses with a stem for any wine and fizz you’ll be sipping on. Your serve ware can be full of your personality, and you can display them on your kitchen shelves to liven up your kitchen without redecorating it.

Appliances And Equipment

You’re bound to get over excited when it comes to your appliance options, as there’s so many out there to choose from. However, try to limit yourself and just pick up what you need. If you’re into your soups and smoothies; research into some food processor ideas to see what would be a good option for your kitchen and what you’ll be able to achieve with one. You’ll want to invest in the classic matching kettle and toaster option too (who doesn’t love a cuppa with toast on a Sunday morning); you may want to spend a little more on these than your dinner plates and dishes, as you’ll continue to utilise them daily.

Grab yourself some cutlery, a frying pan, and a couple of differently-sized pots or pans, and you should be ready to cook yourself your first simple recipes (after all the takeaways you’ll be eating in the first few days of moving in). The fun bit will be discovering what you definitely need to add to your kitchen collection (you’ll be surprised how much you mourn a cheese grater if you don’t own one). If you’ve got all your basics in place and ready to go; the rest of your equipment will evolve naturally, and you’ll have a fully functioning kitchen space before you know it.

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