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Essential Organizational Tips To Get You Tenancy Deposit Back

When you sign a tenancy agreement, there is always a mixture of feelings. First, naturally, it is excitement; finally,  you’ve found a nice house that you will call home for the time being. That is great news, by any standard. But there is the big controversy about the tenancy deposit, and especially getting your deposit back, which seems an almost impossible thing to do in the modern age. Despite the natural aging of the appliances – that is, if you rent a place that is partially furnished –, it is likely that the landlord or the letting agency will find complaints. From the fridge being dirty to the carpet looking worn, it can seem that your deposit is never to come back. However, with smart organization and the proper support, there are ways to wow your landlord.

Keep ahead of the organization work
First of all, when you move in,  you need to keep ahead of the home organization before it turns into a big mess. Indeed, the main reason why things get out of control is lack of organization. This means, for example, that the house gets messy due to a lack of storage facilities. It is your job, as a tenant, to ensure that you have enough boxes, drawers, cupboards, and cabinet for everything. Another key issue is not cleaning often enough. While it doesn’t have to be every single day, leaving too much time between cleanings means that you’re more likely to let the mess accumulate.

Get the luxury cleaning service
You don’t need to do everything by yourself. When you are ready to move out, you could plan professional cleaning services for all the things that you can do with your standard cleaning products. At the top of the list, you’ll find that professional rug cleaning services are extremely useful. Indeed, even with the best of care, rugs and carpets tend to show signs of wear and even the slightest stains from your spilled tea or even from the previous tenants. You can be sure that inviting professionals to clean carpeted floors at the end of your tenancy will make a great impression on your landlord.
Give the walls some attention
In most tenancy agreements, you are not allowed to repaint walls without the landlord’s authorization. But what you can do, especially at the end of a long-term tenancy, is to get professional painters to refresh your walls and ceilings. Indeed, your walls will naturally show stains, which can occur as your move furniture, or even as you cook – kitchen walls are amongst the dirtiest walls in the house. Even if you don’t notice it, gradually the paint will appear dull and gray – as opposed to the typical magnolia color. Hiring professionals to refresh it will make it look spotlessly bright and clean.

Don’t forget the DIY cleaning
But before you can call on professionals, you need to get the house clean and fresh. There is still a lot that you can do with standard cleaning products, whether chemical or organic. All your sink, shower and toilet equipment can be cleaned using a mixture of vinegar, soda, and citrus fruit if you are not keen on using strong chemicals. This is especially useful to get rid of limescale stains, which are very common. Additionally, it is still your job to dust every single room before, and after hiring professional services. But you’ll find the task easier when you have experts to take care of anything that requires special products and skills.

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