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Chic, Cheap Ways To Change The Style Of Your Living Room

Do you ever feel as though the living area in your home is looking a little dull and dreary? If so, it might be time to think about changing it up a little and making it for more bright cool and vibrant. However, it’s quite possible that you don’t have a large budget to play around with. You might only have a couple hundred to spend on a living room remodel, and with that type of budget, you can’t work wonders. Or can you? Actually, there are a few cheap ways that you can completely alter the look of a room like your living area. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Wall Fire

If you don’t have a fire in your living room, why not consider purchasing an artificial one. Available for less than a hundred on the market, these look both stylish and modern. It will certainly help if you are aiming for a contemporary feel in your living area. You can even get fires these days that produce certain noises, creating the illusion that there really are flames in that glass, metallic box. If you want to be even more stylish, you can actually fit these fires in so that they are built directly into the wall. While more expensive, the effect is undeniably impressive.

Layering A Room

Is your room a little cramped and perhaps a tad too small? If you had a dream budget, you could knock down a wall or perhaps build in an extension. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have possibilities like this and have to make do with less exciting possibilities. One option would be to layer the accessories in the room. Doing this is just a matter of having a large rug and then a small one on top of this. Positioned on that small rug, you might have a table. Believe it or not, this does give the perception that a room is larger than it actually is and gives it more character.

Shine A Light

Lighting is always going to be important in the design of the room. With the right lighting, you can shift the ambience and create different effects on the walls. You can diminish shadow and of course, make a room far brighter. You can buy ceiling lights in a wide range of different styles as well as shapes. As such, you’re sure to find a type that matches your room. Spotlights are a great possibility as they can accentuate certain areas of the room and draw attention to the best pieces of furniture or accessories. For instance, you might set up small lights over art on the walls of your living area.

Throws And Pillows

Perhaps you don’t have enough money to buy new furniture for your living room. That’s okay because you can change the style and colour of your furniture with throws and pillows. Simply decorate your furniture with these items, and you can give your living room a fresh look with new shades of colour for a price that anyone can afford.

I hope you have fun with these ways of keeping a living room redesign chic and cheap.

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