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Bizarre Beauty: Unusual Treatments To Try Out This Summer

The world of beauty is evolving and always changing. With advances in science and the discovery of unusual and exotic ingredients, beauty lovers and those concerned with aging have always got new treatments to try out and test. Here are just a few of the weird and wonderful beauty treatments you can currently get to improve your appearance and pamper yourself.

Vampire Facial
A facial involving blood sounds a little scary, but it’s actually far less invasive than many cosmetic treatments as you don’t go under the knife. Instead, your own blood is injected into your face. The science behind it is that it uses a technique called platelet-rich (or ‘PR’) plasma therapy. Using PR for facial aesthetics is useful as it causes the tissues to rapidly make more collagen, which is of course good news when you want to look younger. There’s little to no recovery time needed, and you could be in and out of the clinic in the hour.

Gold Facials
If the sound of your own blood doesn’t appeal, how about a facial with glittering gold? The material can stimulate collagen leaving your skin tighter, reduces fine lines and activates the renewal of cells. So as well as leaving you feeling fresh it can also make you look younger and more luminous. It’s applied as a gold leaf or mask after carefully cleansing the skin. Of course it’s not a cheap option, but again less than plastic surgery!

Insect Secretions
From bee venom to snail slime, it turns out that insects have held the key the fountain of youth all along. Most common in Asian skincare, these ingredients are becoming more and more popular in the west too. Bee venom has been likened to Botox due to it’s tightening and muscle lifting properties, whereas snail secretions are useful for moisturising, improving acne and the appearance of fine likes. Kind of disgusting but just don’t overthink it- your skin will thank you for it!

Garra Rufa Fish Pedicures
Less than a decade ago, garra rufa fish pedicures were seen as incredibly wacky and unusual. These days you can find them in tonnes of spas and salons, although admittedly it is still a strange concept. The tiny toothless fish nibble dead skin cells from your feet and stimulate blood flow leaving them soft and smooth with no pain whatsoever. They’re thought to remove bacteria, foot odour and improve circulation so have a number of benefits. Just be sure you’re going to a decent spa with a high hygiene rating, otherwise just as with any beauty treatment you put yourself at risk of infection. ‘Backstreet beauty salons’ have even been known to use the wrong type of fish- use a type that has teeth and it will be painful and can spread disease.

Have you tried anything unusual in the name of beauty? What do you think the weirdest treatment is on this list, and would you be brave enough to give it a try?

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