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From Tunnel to Table: Everything You Need to Live off Your Garden

The idea of living off your land is a romantic and eco-friendly thought. It’s the most basic way of living; waking up in the morning to harvest some tomatoes and spinach, picking up an egg or two while you’re at it, and preparing breakfast straight from your own garden. To live sustainably from what you grow yourself, you’re going to have to give it a bit more thought than simply planting a few hobby plants for the fun of it, however. Image credit: Pexels The more land you have, the more realistic this project becomes. With time and expansions, you can evolve from managing to harvest your own breakfast and lunch, to actually making your very own goat cheese and enjoying freshly baked bread in the morning. Get started with this handy guide and challenge your family to live more sustainably and improve their general health and happiness by living closer to nature. Why living off your garden is a great idea Starting a gardening project like this might not be for you if the thou

Is That Number On The Scales Weighing Heavy On Your Mind?

Weight, for us girls, it can be a heavy issue, right? It's one of those things that it can be hard to stay on top of in a healthy way, without having to resort to extreme solutions. Or getting a little too obsessed with every single thing that passes our lips. So to help you stay at a healthy weight and keep your mind healthy while you do it, read the post below. Do be more mindful about what you eat Mindfulness all over the place at the moment, it seems to be a cure all for every problem in life that we come across from anxiety to weight loss. But the truth is that it's not a magic bullet. In fact, it is a very basic skill that can help us be more in control of our actions. Something that when it comes to losing weight can be really helpful for our long term progress. Picture link You can find out how to be more mindful about what you eat at , and similar site on the internet. When you start to practice this skill, it's so surprising, because y

Great Ways To Grow Your Garden Space When You Don't Have Green Fingers

Some people are blessed with green fingers. Such individuals love getting lost in their gardens. They’re never happier than when running their fingers through the earth. It’s how they relax, and is by far their favourite hobby. For the rest of us, nothing could be worse. Dirt under the nails? No thank you. We’ve got better things to do than kneel in the mud. But, there is a downside to our unwillingness to get green; our gardens go wild. And, green fingers or not, we all want a beautiful outside space. But, how can you achieve it without succumbing to the dreaded ‘g’ word? In truth, a beautiful garden which requires no gardening is easy to achieve. All it takes is a little creativity. Here are some tips to help you get started. Image Source Care-Free Gardening Care-free gardening is as good as it sounds. This is an excellent way to achieve a gorgeous space which requires no effort. If you want plants, something like a cactus garden would be a fantastic idea. As they survive in

Chic, Cheap Ways To Change The Style Of Your Living Room

Do you ever feel as though the living area in your home is looking a little dull and dreary? If so, it might be time to think about changing it up a little and making it for more bright cool and vibrant. However, it’s quite possible that you don’t have a large budget to play around with. You might only have a couple hundred to spend on a living room remodel, and with that type of budget, you can’t work wonders. Or can you? Actually, there are a few cheap ways that you can completely alter the look of a room like your living area. Here are a few tips to get you started. Wall Fire Credit Source If you don’t have a fire in your living room, why not consider purchasing an artificial one. Available for less than a hundred on the market, these look both stylish and modern. It will certainly help if you are aiming for a contemporary feel in your living area . You can even get fires these days that produce certain noises, creating the illusion that there really are flames in that glas

Health Essentials Any Adult Should Know How To Do

Via Often, trying to take care of your own health in the modern world is incredibly difficult. You have before you the internet, full of all the information that humankind has ever been able to assemble. A huge amount of it is dedicated to helping people resolve their own health ailments, potentially even pointing them towards diagnoses they otherwise would not have been able to find. Yet if you try to follow health advice online, then you will constantly come up against the disclaimer to seek advice from your doctor before you try anything. It’s so confusing! Here’s the information, yet you are still urged to go to the doctor (with all the likely costs and inconvenience that that entails) before you take action on any of the information. In that instance, you then have two choices: take a risk (note: don’t do this!) or go traipsing to the doctor to confirm what you already know (inconvenient but definitely what you should do!) Consulting medical advice is undoubtedly th

Everything To Expect From A Career In Health

Image Source Most kids love playing doctors and nurses. It’s so cute to watch them treat all of their soft toys and teddy bears! This sense of looking after and caring for something never really goes away and is probably the reason why so many people aspire to be real life doctors and nurses when they grow up and get a job. Do you still dream of becoming a healthcare professional? It’s such a rewarding industry to work in and gives you a great way to give back to society that many people really enjoy their career in health. But, just so you can get an idea of the things that may lay ahead in this type of occupation, here is everything you need to expect. Social Responsibility Once you have some experience of working in health, you will have a large social responsibility on your shoulders. But rather than let this get to you and stress you out, you should embrace it and be proud of it! This social responsibility will be something that restricts the way you act and the things

Spring Clean Tips For Any Time Of Year

Pexels Do you think that your home could do with a good old spring clean? Sometimes you might want to do a thorough clean just because you haven’t done so in a while but you might also be interested in a spring clean because it’s crucial to getting your deposit back ! As carrying out an entire spring clean can take up a whole lot of your time and effort, it’s important that you do a bit of planning beforehand. This can help you carry out the clean very efficiently, which will result in you in finishing a lot earlier than you might expect! Here are some great spring clean tips to get you started no matter what time of year it is. Set A Time There is no point trying to do your spring clean in spits and spats. You might get bored after a few cleaning bursts! Ideally, you need to set yourself a whole day or half a day when you will endeavour to get the whole spring clean done in one go. Getting it over and done with straight away will mean that it is done and dusted in no time