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When Injury Strikes: Coping When Your Body's Broken And You're Bored

No one likes getting out of bed in the morning. Bed is where we are at our most comfortable; where we relax and drift off, safely cocooned from the world outside. It’s our favourite piece of furniture in the house - well, except for this guy:

Ah, the sofa and a good book - what could be better?

It might sound bizarre, but there is a time in life when the two pieces of furniture above cease to be your best friend. Instead, they become places of boredom, places where you can’t help but daydream about being able to leave. The problem that causes such a turnaround in your thinking?

Injury or illness.

It doesn’t matter how it’s happened. It could have been through working on your fitness, being clumsy, or a nasty encounter with a kerb and a stiletto heel that has meant your ankle is forced to recover with the aid of a ankle distraction strap and no stilettos for six weeks.  Maybe you’re just not well, with a nasty dose of the ‘flu or a virus that doesn’t know when to quit.

Whatever the cause, the end result is the same: you’re hurt, you can’t do anything, and you’re stuck in the same small spaces. The spaces that, most of the time, you would love the idea of being confined to! Then it happens - and you have no chance to break the monotony - and suddenly? You’d rather be anywhere else in the world.

So how do you survive it when the novelty wears off? When everyone else is at work or in another room, and you’re prone in the same position with nothing for company but your own thoughts?

Idea #1: Get Into A Series

You might think this is the perfect time to read a book - and it is. However, it’s an even better time to read a book series. This helps prevent the feeling of finishing a book and then being bored again; you immediately have the next in line to see you through. You could try the A Song of Ice and Fire novels (the basis for Game of Thrones) or just read - or reread - the Harry Potter stories.

Idea #2: Develop A Talent

There are only so many hours you can spend staring at various things - a laptop, your smartphone, a book - before your boredom will begin to creep back in. So put everything down and do something with your hands. You could try painting, making your own jewellery, and a plethora of other activities that don’t require you to be up on your feet and moving around. If you’ve never felt that you’re much of a crafty person before, then this might be the perfect time to unearth that hidden talent - no matter how deep it seems to be buried.

Idea #3: Rehab Yourself

While you may need to rest, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing at all you can do to help yourself along. Make sure you speak to your doctor and see if there are any exercises you can do without putting too much stress on your body. Or search online for exercise you can do while sitting - at the very least, it’s something to keep you distracted for half an hour!

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