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Tackle Your Summer Slump

It happens every year, doesn’t it? You spend months on end looking forward to your summer vacation. And when it finally, arrives, shockingly, you have nothing to do. Sure, you’ll probably book a holiday, but that will only last about two weeks. If you’re a student that gives you one too many extras where you have an empty schedule. Luckily, there are a whole range of possibilities on how to fill your summer, whether you want to be financially savvy, a pro at productivity or go through a renovation renaissance. Let’s start by looking at ways you can be productive.
Summer Productivity

Well, if you’re a student you can think about getting a summer job and easing the pressure on your student loan. This can be very useful if you find yourself bored over summer and you’d like to raise a little more money. There are always job available during summer because people are heading off on holiday. You can fill the spot and gain some great experience. Don’t forget this looks great to future employees rather than spending a summer doing nothing.
Alternatively, you can consider giving a little back to the community. School may be out, but there are lots of activities set up for children over the summer months from sports teams to adventure days. If you want to stay active, you could sign up to help coach and organise kids sports activities. Or, you could even actively set up your own sports events for kids in the local area. You can work with the council to do this and parents would definitely appreciate it. It’s easy to buy rugby trophies, or footy figurines to give to the winners. The biggest issue is going to be finding a space to run it, but you might find your local park is available.
DIY At Home

Or, perhaps you should spend a few weeks this summer improving and renovating your old home. It is in your best interest to do this as it will add value to the property and hopefully when you decide to sell, you’ll get greater asking prices.
You should focus on key areas of the home like the kitchen and the bathroom. These are some of the most valuable parts of the property, and the best part is that the changes don’t have to cost a fortune. For instance, you can sand down and revarnish the cupboards in your kitchen, giving them a fresh new shade of colour.
Further Afield

Or finally, how about heading away to somewhere new this season. But rather than relaxing on a beach somewhere, you can work in a community helping others less fortunate than yourself. There are plenty of companies that can arrange this for volunteers who want to travel to Africa, India or even somewhere like Fiji. As well as being something fantastic you can add to your CV, it can also truly be a life changing experience that no one ever regrets.

So, don’t let your summer be a wash this year. Instead, find a way to make more out of it than usual.


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