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Summer-friendly DIY Home Fixes

Now that summer’s here - or almost, at least - it’s time to start thinking about all those jobs we said we’d do over winter, but never got round to. And who can blame you? Winter’s a horrible time to be doing DIY projects, and for the most part, endless rain, cold freezes and strong winds make most of them impossible to do. So, it’s time to make the most of the long days and warm weather, and start ticking those big projects off your to-do list.

Give your home a face-lift

While it’s fun to decorate and change up the inside of your home, have you ever thought about the outside? It’s the first impression that any visitors get of your house, so freshening it up should be top of your list. This could be anything from cleaning your windows to cleaning the roof - but now’s the time to do it all. You could even give the outside of your home a new lick of paint. It’s not hard - but it does require patience, a long ladder and a lot of paint! You don’t want to upset your neighbours by choosing a garish colour, so check out this article about choosing the right shade for your home.

Cleaning your windows is a simple task that pays off in a big way. Say goodbye to water stains and bird droppings - and hello to shiny glass that helps you appreciate your views. Cleaning your roof might be a bit harder, and if you don’t have a head for heights and a good pressure washer, it’s something best left to the professionals. If you’ve got a chimney, then now’s the time to get that cleaned too - though unless you’ve done it before, it’s something best left to the experts. You don’t want to get stuck - or cover your home in soot!

Revamp your garden

No one wants to be out on their hands and knees in bad weather, especially if you’re going to be wrist deep in mud! But before the ground gets too dry and hard, take a look at your garden. Yes, you can do the bare essentials like mowing the lawn and buying nice potted plants. But if you want to really ramp up your landscaping, try something more adventurous, like building a rockery, sectioning off a vegetable patch, or creating a wild-flower area.

These things are still simple enough to do by yourself, yet they’ll have a huge impact on what your home looks like. Plus, if you can grow some veggies, you’ll have the added bonus of eating fresh food and saving on your supermarket bill. These are the easiest vegetables to grow for beginners - and once you’ve got your hand in with these, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re feeling really creative, see if you can mix up your flower beds. People are saying goodbye to ceramic pots and wooden beds, and using odd bits and pieces from around the home. Wellington boots, bikes, and old boxes make great, quirky planters - and won’t cost too much to set up either.

And if you get well and truly bitten by the gardening bug, use the summer to set up your own compost heap. It’ll help you cut down on the waste you throw away, and you’ll be able to use it on your plants and veggies, instead of spending money on store-bought fertilizer.

The details inside

Now, I’ve written a lot about interior design. You can see my article about the latest trends here. But interior design can be done year-round. And we want to focus on those fun summer projects that winter weather puts a stop to. 

Look at your curtains and carpets first. Are they looking a bit dull, dust-coated and dreary? If so, give them a good wash. Curtains can go in your washing machine, then hang them outside to dry in the summer sun. Carpets are a bit harder, but make the most of the good weather to move your furniture outside, and deep-clean your carpets room by room. Next up, what about your heaters? When it comes to winter, you want radiators that emit enough warmth to keep you comfortable, no matter how cold it is - just like those at Only Radiators. And here’s a guide to bleeding them - though you might want a professional’s hand with this. If you don’t think they need a bleed, then why not give them a proper clean, making sure you get all that dust and cobwebs up from down the back.

If you’re thinking of a full redecoration, now’s the time. Paint dries much faster with good ventilation, so while you can keep windows and doors wide open, get painting!

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