How to claim for Criminal Injury in the UK


If you have fallen victim to a criminal injury in recent years, including mental injuries, you could claim compensation under the Criminal Injuries and Compensation Scheme in the UK.
You’re eligible in the UK if you were physically or mentally injured as a direct result of a crime of violence, or if you’re a close relative of someone who has died as a direct result of criminal violence. You could also be eligible for compensation if you were injured in the last two years.
The definition of criminal injury is an injury that has been inflicted as a direct result as a violent crime. This can include crimes involving physical violence and behavior by one person to another that is intended to seriously hurt or kill. For example, if you are a victim of child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, and domestic abuse, or have been in the last two years, you are eligible to claim under the CICA scheme.  
In cases where child abuse is present, firms such as CICA UK will act on behalf of claimants who are children and even adults who were abused as children. They will also act on behalf of anyone who wishes to make a claim through the CICA scheme. Once you have agreed to let lawyers, such as those as CICA UK, represent you, you will no longer have to take part in any proceedings to do with your case. For the most part, you can put your ordeal behind you and look to moving on, which is the most important thing.
CICA UK understand that the ordeal you have been through is terrible, and that you will need time to process and come to terms with your injury. They can also advice you and your family members on how to make the claim through them, and guide you through the process of the claim itself.
No amount of money can erase what has happened to you, but it’s important to understand that there are people willing to fight your corner and earn any compensation you will need to help towards medical bills, prescriptions and any therapy you may need in the future. If you would like information on support services for victims of violent crime in the UK, the Victim’s Information Service provides amazing guides which can be found on their website.
For more information on the CICA scheme, visit the CICA UK website.

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